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Prezentbox: the Clever New Way to Purchase Gifts the Kids Will Love!

Ladies and gents, we’ve stumbled upon a brand-spankin’ new service in Australia that is about to change gift-giving forever. Are you ready for it?

It’s an extra-curricular gift-giving platform called PrezentBox. In a nutshell, family and friends can gift the kids with contributions to their extracurricular activities. Brilliant!

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What does this even mean, we hear you ask?

Good question! Let’s say Aunt Joan and Uncle Frank want to buy your son a birthday present. Instead of purchasing a $50 toy that he probably doesn’t need, Aunt Joan and Uncle Frank can instead contribute that $50 towards your son’s soccer fee (or whatever other activity you nominate) through PrezentBox. Plus, it’s completely free for them to do – more on this later).

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And it’s not just Uncle Frank and Aunt Joan either. Cousin John and Stu can add $50 too. And the grandparents overseas? They don’t have to ship a present via snail mail – they can simply contribute $100 (or whatever the price) towards something meaningful and valuable to your child’s life.

It cuts down on the extra-curricular costs for you AND ensures your kids have an amazing gift they will actually use.

INSANELY COOL, RIGHT? We know. We are pretty excited about this!


Yes, folks, they can literally give the gift that keeps on giving, all term long! 

I don’t know about you, but this is a game-changer for my tribe of three. All of them have activities. Between the three of them, we’ve got to factor in payments towards dance, gymnastics, soccer, hockey and athletics. It’s crazy expensive but the kids also love every single activity and I know how important these are for their development and self-esteem.

Sure, my bank account HATES me for it, but, meh. YOLO.

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We also have extended family overseas who are constantly struggling to come up with gift ideas to send via snail mail (and that are small enough to not incur a massive postage fee).

Not to mention the aunts, uncles and friends that want to give the kids something special but aren’t sure what they already have or what the current craze is. Please, for the love of all things holy, NO MORE FRIGGIN’ FIDGET TOYS.

PrezentBox – Reshaping the way we gift

PrezentBox is a first of its kind and it’s long overdue, especially with lockdown and restrictions making it even harder to give tangible gifts.

It can be used for all occasions from birthdays and Christmas to religious events, graduations, etc and it’s really easy to sort out.

Simply set up an account, share it with your family and friends and their contributions will go directly toward that child. The contributions can be only redeemed with their registered service providers, such as swim schools, gymnastic clubs, soccer clubs, etc.

Check out the video below to see how PrezentBox works.


Less plastic, more play 

There’s A LOT to love about this idea. First of all, it eliminates the excess unnecessary gifts our kids tend to receive. The toy industry is MASSIVE but some experts predict that around 80% of all toys end up in landfill, incinerators, or the ocean.

According to one report, the toy industry uses 40 tons of plastic for every $1 million in revenues and is the most plastic-intensive industry in the world.

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Say goodbye to pointless gifts with PrezentBox. Souce: Bigstock

A more meaningful gift solution

Often our excess of toys comes during special occasions too. Every year we get asked “What do the kids want for their birthday” and every year I think to myself, “Honestly, they have enough!”

Sure, my son would be happy with a PlayStation game and my daughter would easily accept another LOL doll to add to her 25 others that most certainly are missing their shoes, but do they really NEED these things? No.

PrezentBox empowers friends and family to give a gift that will inspire kids to learn and grow, keep them off the screens AND keep their excessive toys to a minimum.

It promotes healthy activities like soccer, dance, karate, art classes where your little ones develop and build skills, create new friendships and best of all, discover new skills.

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The love of sport, all wrapped up 

As parents, it also helps us with the costs of activities which, let’s face it, are NOT cheap. Especially so when you take into consideration the term fees, uniforms, costumes, concert hire, etc.

Many families simply can’t afford it which means many kids miss out. It shouldn’t have to be this way.

Yes, extracurricular activities can be crazy expensive. In fact, parents spend $11 billion per year on sport and physical activity.  So you can imagine why we’re all for this, right?!


I swear I curse every early Saturday morning soccer game and dance rehearsal. I mutter under my breath at the hockey equipment costs and the athletics carnival fees. But when I see my toddler’s sparkling smile as she twirls around on stage, or the look of pride in my son’s eyes when he gets a personal best, or the synchronised screams of excitement when my daughter’s soccer team scores their first goal … well then, it’s totally worth it.

It’s worth every single term payment, every single late training session, every single uniform fee. Watching them do something they love is worth every penny, a trillion times over.

I thought being a kid and doing sport was the best thing in the world. Turns out, being a mum and watching your children have that same passion for sport is the best thing in the world.

PrezentBox can make it happen for them, can take the financial pressure off for us and can empower family and friends to all make a contribution towards the things our kids love to do.

It takes a village and PrezentBox gives our village a chance to help out and grow these passions.

Sign up today

As mentioned, PrezentBox is a first of its kind. It’s completely new so you can be one of the first to try it out. Simply register your interest below. I know I certainly will be.

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