The Face Masks that Were Literally Made for 2020

Well, 2020, you may have given us a pandemic, a toilet paper shortage and mandatory face masks, but these clever Etsy artists have clapped right back!

We give you the greatest face masks, all brought to you by the trends of 2020. These clever face masks are sure to be conversation starters. Conversations adhering to social restrictions, naturally.

Masks at the ready!

With masks mandatory in Victoria, most of New South Wales and parts of Queensland, we’re predicting masks are here to stay, at least until the end of the year. Better stock up!

It’s Bluey 

Bluey face masks
Source: Etsy

2020 has been Bluey’s year to shine. He’s been everywhere, man (unlike the rest of us) – on TV, in an App, on our kids’ bedsheets. Now he’s on a mask.

Etsy shop sells adorable Bluey masks for babies, kids and adults and in a heap of designs too. But we especially love the above one because Buttermilk, the #UnimpressedUnicorn is literally the poster child for 2020. Or at least she should be.

The Grinch that Stole 2020

Grinch face masks
Source: Etsy

If Buttermilk isn’t available to take the position of 2020’s mascot, then The Grinch is another prime choice. He’s about as 2020 as they come and these face masks come with just the right amount of #2020Mood. 

You can find them at 

Schitt’s Creek

Schitts Creek Face Masks
Source: Etsy

If you haven’t already tuned into the pure joy that is Schitt’s Creek, it’s well worth the weekend binge to do it.

So. Much. Awkward. Humour.



For those who have seen it, you’ll know WHY this Eww, Covid/David face mask is winning ALL the applause and is the perfect way to brighten your face.

There are a few other funny Schitt’s Creek masks floating around including classic Moira one-liners and even a Little Bit Alexis.

Schitts Creek face mask
Source: Etsy

Find the above ones at

2020 Karen

Karen face masks
Source: Etsy

Poor Karen became the most unloved name in the world this year, especially when a woman dubbed “Bunnings Karen” went on a big rant and refused to wear her mask to Bunnings.

Seriously, Karen… Wear the damned mask.

You can find one that says exactly this at

F*ck Carole Baskin 

Carole Baskin face mask
Source: Etsy

Let’s not forget about our good friends, Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic who were definitely the flavours of the month when COVID first ruined our year back in March.

Now you can remind yourself that Carole TOTALLY KILLED HER HUSBAND AND FED HIM TO THE TIGERS every time you leave your house.

Find it at

This Back Off Carole mask, from  is equally as awesome.

face mask Tiger King
Source: Etsy

And of course, the unofficial logo of 2020! 😉

mum central
Source: Etsy

Need we say more? You can grab this one at CemShine Designs.

Which one is your fave?

If you prefer, you can take a page out of these people’s books and make your own face mask out of whatever you have lying around the house.

And after you’ve done that, check out the Queen Victoria Building’s Christmas Tree. Yep, it’s already up and the most perfect symbol to say #Pissoff2020. 

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