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Hilarious Household Items People are Using in Lieu of Face Masks Through COVID-19

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you coronavirus, make your own face mask out of ANYTHING you can find.

This is exactly what dozens of people are now doing and, lucky for us, there are photos to prove it. Facebook user Debra Morgan Vogt shared a collection of giggle-worthy snaps of people out and about at the shops donning their best anti-COVID-masks.

Most wouldn’t offer much protection, but, hey, at least they make us smile. Check out our favourite makeshifts face masks of 2020. What a crazy world we live in when it actually makes sense to see people out in public dressed like this!

1. Horsehead

This guy’s not horsing around.

funny covid masks

2. Doona cover bag mattress box face mask

3. Newspaper cone mask

Complete with a nose and eyes. So creative.
newspaper face mask

4. Party hat 

Most likely leftover from her child’s birthday bash that got cancelled.

paper hat face mask

5. Pads

The wings give them even more protection.
pad face mask

6. A G-string

mum central

7. Sponge mask

Sponge Bob Zebra Pants.

sponge face mask

8. SCUBA suit

The oxygen really adds to the outfit, don’t you think?

scuba diver covid

9.  Box mask

box for face masks

10. A dirty ol’ sneaker 

Hey, if the shoe fits.

funny covid masks

11. Water bottle

A for effort on this one.

covid mask using water bottle

12. Fishbowl 

Well, I think it’s a fishbowl…

fish bowl face mask

13. Umbrella

Complete with a 1.5m “don’t go near me” diameter. Genius. And if it happens to be raining in the parking lot, you’re all set.

umbrella face mask

14. Plastic bag

Maybe she can reuse it to carry her groceries home and save 15 cents.
woman shopping during covid

15. And finally, whatever the heck this is

The Darth Vader of virus protection.

all over protection from coronavirus

Don’t take any chances

The best way to protect against COVID? Stay home, of course. And wash yer hands! Check out our guide on basic cleaning and care to stop the spread of coronavirus in your home.

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