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Roll Up, Roll up! We’ve Got Family Passes to the Royal Adelaide Show – Enter Now!

It’s no secret that the Royal Adelaide Show is just around the corner. With half a million people visiting each year, you wouldn’t want to miss it – right? 

Thanks to our friends at the Royal Adelaide Show we’ve got family passes up for grabs for the show, hitting town September 2nd to 11th 2016.

You can expect a day of family fun, but you probably already knew that. With two whole weekends worth of awesomely amazing entertainment, who wouldn’t want to go? And, for free? That’s a no-brainer. Explore the vendors, check out the entertainment, let the kiddos pull you onto the rides and maybe even learn a thing or two about agriculture and animals.

Showbags and Rides:  

New showbags launching for the kids to look out for are Paw Patrol, Animal Planet, Playschool, Discovery Kids and Tokidoki.  Collect old favourites with all new contents – Barbie, Hot Wheels, Adventure Time, Hello Kitty.

There are plenty of bags for teenage girls with the best-selling ModelCo, DB Cosmetics, and Rihanna Rogue Fragrance returning. Young Designers Collective is a new bag featuring custom designer fashion and beauty accessories.

If retro is more your style then there is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dr Who, Thomas the Tank, and Peter Rabbit.

Mum will love the Higher Living Indulge Your Senses Tea Bag, and Better Homes and Garden returns with new exciting hints, tips and goodies.

For the sports lovers you will find your favourite Adelaide soccer team ‘Adelaide United’ in the Showbag Hall this year alongside all of your favourite AFL Teams.

divider-3enter-to-winThanks to our friends at the Royal Adelaide Show, we’ve got 5 Family Passes up for grabs!

To enter simply fill out the form below and tell us in the comments what you love about the show the best! That’s it!



Win 1 of 5 Family Passes to the Royal Adelaide Show

Avatar of Belinda Jennings

Belinda's a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, they live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Great conversation, close friends and good chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. Oh, and bubbles. Champagne is key.


  1. Avatar of Nichelle Mold
    Nichelle Mold Reply

    I love seeing my kids faces light up, it’s like a different world to them, where else can they see so many different thing’s in the one place.

  2. Avatar of Feezals

    I love seeing the kids so excited and feeling like they are part of something special.

  3. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidis Reply

    The awesome fireworks display
    That ends our fun filled Show Day
    With a bang boom crash
    Explosive colours crash
    Up high in the air
    We all stop and stare
    The bright illuminious sky
    Watching pyrotechnics fly
    People applaud and stare
    Are perfect end for another year

  4. Avatar of Tracey

    I love the atmosphere, watching the kids faces light up when they see all the attractions, its has the total package fun, free entertainment in the arena, side shows, rides and animals to see, there really is something there for everyone

  5. Avatar of Tina Kraja Was Nul
    Tina Kraja Was Nul Reply

    The Atmosphere, the fun and the smiles on all the kids faces (if you can see below all the facepainting and fairyfloss)

  6. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha Page Reply

    Having Fun with my kids, the Atmosphere, the Baby Animals, the Showbags!

  7. Avatar of Megan mcpherson
    Megan mcpherson Reply

    That feeling you get when you first enter the show of the noises sights and smells…and the excitement of the fun your about to have , its the same feeling i got as a child when my parents took me now i get to do the same with my boys.

  8. Avatar of Natalie

    I love the animals. The big stinky pig shed and the cows. I also love the taste testing in the dairy area. We always get a special icecream.

  9. Avatar of Beki Fowler-Mills
    Beki Fowler-Mills Reply

    I love the atmosphere and seeing my little girls face light up! The show usually falls on her birthday so its always a exciting day out for her.

  10. Avatar of Emmarose Thompson
    Emmarose Thompson Reply

    The excitement that is written all over the faces of the my kids

  11. Avatar of barbara

    The atmosphere with all those excited children and exhausted parents!

  12. Avatar of michelle

    I love it he horses and the excitement of my kids as they walk through the show grounds. I also love the smell of all the food!

  13. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan Vlahos Reply

    Just the fantastic atmosphere. Full of wonder and excitement!

  14. Avatar of Wendy M

    Family time. I love seeing the animals and I’m a bit of a showing fan. Plus taking my little man makes it even more special now.

  15. Avatar of Alice Fallon
    Alice Fallon Reply

    Having fun with my little man, the atmosphere, the animals, the rides, the show bags. So much Fun!

  16. Avatar of Amy

    Show Time is an amazing time of year. After our freezer, microwave and our 2nd car dying within a month we now need some fun and excitment for the family please pick us we would be so grateful words can not describe

  17. Avatar of Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith Reply

    I love going to the Royal Show to see and be involved in the “Freebies” such as samples, animals and cat/dog shows to name a few

  18. Avatar of Alex

    We love the variety of animals to see! Not often you can see so many different animals all in one place.

  19. Avatar of Cassandra Schleyer
    Cassandra Schleyer Reply

    We love going to the royal show but I am out of work this year and do think we can afford to go sadly

  20. Avatar of Kelly Lucas
    Kelly Lucas Reply

    We love walking around and checking out all the free things to see and do especially the wood chopping

  21. Avatar of Jo Kennedy
    Jo Kennedy Reply

    I love the flower exhibition brings back special memories of going with my grandma when i was young it was her favourite part.

  22. Avatar of Pete'n'Lydia Dolinsky
    Pete'n'Lydia Dolinsky Reply

    I like the family time, my kids love the baby animals, rides and show bags.

  23. Avatar of Melissa Dow
    Melissa Dow Reply

    Fairy floss, rides and fireworks. What else can you ask for?

  24. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    The rides, the atmosphere, the smile on miss 6s face on the rides
    Oh and the shows new ride fury, i cant wait
    Not sure if me or miss 6 more excited

  25. Avatar of Jess D

    The nostalgia. I tend to do everything we did as kids with my parents. We used to do the yellow brick road, see the dogs and pig races ending with rides, showbags and grabbing food to watch the fireworks.

  26. Avatar of Sarah Shuttleworth
    Sarah Shuttleworth Reply

    The atmosphere and the opportunity to see what the best of SA has

  27. Avatar of Richard

    I’ve loved that one can go to the show and spend as much or as little as one likes. If you know your way around there is so much entertainment available free for all the family and plenty of inexpensive food – or take your own!

  28. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    I love it all! The animals, the rides, the showbags, Team D-Max ripping it up on the main arena, the food (the kind you only eat once a year!) and the electric atmosphere that is the Royal Adelaide Show!

  29. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    I love so many things, but I think seeing it through the eyes of the kids is the best thing around. As we get older it’s easy to become a little jaded and not fully appreciate what’s going on around us. The kids bring it all back to life though and their excitement is so infectious! Aside from all of that my favourite thing is a delicious hot chocolate and some freshly cooked hot cinnamon donuts right at the end of the night. When you’re so exhausted after spending the day there they give you just enough energy to drag your weary selves back to the car for the drive home.

  30. Avatar of Angela Aschberger
    Angela Aschberger Reply

    I love visiting now I have my own kids – it brings back the memories I have of going to the show as a child. The Yellow Brick Road in particular is still a great way to explore the show while being great value for money, so we always try to include that!

  31. Avatar of Niomi Spiby
    Niomi Spiby Reply

    I love the pavilions, you get to see things and show the kids things they might not otherwise be exposed to.

  32. Avatar of Carla Sedonja Reed
    Carla Sedonja Reed Reply

    We love the rides, the animals, looking at all the art competition entries, the flower displays and all the wonderful SA produce that gets showcased. My girls love the show bags of course particularly the Beanie kids one!! It reminds me of when I used to go to the Royal Adelaide Show as a child. It marks the start of Spring!!

  33. Avatar of Trish Jones
    Trish Jones Reply

    I absolutely love the pavilions, my kids love the rides and sideshows and we al enjoy seeing all the animals! We haven’t been for a while and would love to go!

  34. Avatar of NKirby

    I used to get so excited about going to the show and going on as many rides as possible and coming home with bags full of goodies, now I’d like to see that excitement on my kids faces for the first time!

  35. Avatar of Lang Cheung
    Lang Cheung Reply

    Love seeing the joy on my kids faces at every turn when they spot something new..

  36. Avatar of Simmone Cook
    Simmone Cook Reply

    Simmone…. I love everything about the show! It’s always been my favourite time of the year!!

  37. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine Cameron Reply

    What isn’t there to love at the Royal Show? There’s so much to see and do. I love ending the day watching the fireworks with the kids.

  38. Avatar of Tessa de Jonge
    Tessa de Jonge Reply

    Tessa….I love the show because we have quality family time together. We dont get a lot of it with life and illness getting in the way.

  39. Avatar of Vicki

    I take my 4 grandkids & they love seeing the animals especial the Farmyard Nursery where they are able to pet the animals & of course the showbags are a bit hit as well as the rides.

  40. Avatar of Sasha

    I love the show because is great family fun and the kids love it

  41. Avatar of Gemma McLaughlin
    Gemma McLaughlin Reply

    I love that there is so much to do and that a day out with the family is fun.

  42. Avatar of Melissa McSeveney
    Melissa McSeveney Reply

    I love that there is something that everyone can enjoy.

  43. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    I love that it’s a huge day of family fun with rides, showbags, animals, food sampling, games, exhibitions, competitions and exciting fireworks at the end!

  44. Avatar of Carlin Lee
    Carlin Lee Reply

    I love the atmosphere, looking at the animals, then sampling the local produce topped off with a good old fashioned lunch from the CWA. I especially love being able to share that with my children, my husband and my parents 🙂

  45. Avatar of Sarah Stephenson
    Sarah Stephenson Reply

    I love the excitement on my children’s faces when it’s ‘show’ day. We look at all the animals and then sit down for a picnic lunch…followed but a show bag!

  46. Avatar of Amanda

    I love seeing all the animals from the babies to the big cows and pigs.

  47. Avatar of Debbie Moody
    Debbie Moody Reply

    I love the farm animals, they may smell but they are magnificent especially the cows, my favourite being a farm girl.

  48. Avatar of Renee Graham
    Renee Graham Reply

    I love seeing the joy on the kids faces, their squeels of delight. And of course, the animals!

  49. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    great family fun, lots of things to see and do, love the animals and all the different events

  50. Avatar of Belinda Kemp
    Belinda Kemp Reply

    I love watching miss 3 discover new things and I love the yellow brick road showbag, it brings back memories of when I was a kid attending the show!

  51. Avatar of Jess

    It would be an amazing experience for my 2 boys, with it being the first time they will remember it and my babys first time

  52. Avatar of Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
    Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    My family love the buzz of the atmosphere, the fireworks, wood chopping, hot donuts & all the animals

  53. Avatar of Natalie Cotton
    Natalie Cotton Reply

    We love the animals, food, rides, atmosphere and how there is SOOOO much to do!

  54. Avatar of Alex

    I love the show for the sheer variety of things to do and joy that it brings to my little brother! (Whom is turning 9 around the start of the show!)

  55. Avatar of Julie Hearn
    Julie Hearn Reply

    So many different animals, crafts and activities for the kids to see

  56. Avatar of Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith Reply

    I love the sheer excitement it brings my 3 year old daughter – the rides, the food, the animals and just the whole atmosphere! The show always brings friends and families together and it’s such a fun-filled day for everyone to enjoy.

  57. Avatar of Stace

    Would love to take a trip to Adelaide with my 2 boys from Melbourne and to go visit the Adelaide Show

  58. Avatar of Heidi-May Tregeagle
    Heidi-May Tregeagle Reply

    I love the farm animals and of course the show bags.

  59. Avatar of Alecia

    We haven’t been able to take the kids to the show, but they hear all about it from school friends and are really keen. I remember the fireworks best when I was a child so would love to share that with them!

  60. Avatar of Carol P

    I love the food displays, watching the pig races with the family, baby animals, sideshow alley and showbags

  61. Avatar of Carol P

    We love watching the pig races every year, tasting the food displays, seeing the baby animals, sideshow alley and of course the showbags

  62. Avatar of Williams Mel
    Williams Mel Reply

    I best part is seeing my kids eyes light up from all the amusments and watching the fireworks from the ferris wheel with my 6 kids.. 🙂

  63. Avatar of Allison Scrivener
    Allison Scrivener Reply

    The animals, the rides, the food, the fireworks, the show bags, the kids faces!

  64. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny Woods Reply

    I would love to take my grandkids to enjoy the rides, animals & shoe bags with them like I did as a child..

  65. Avatar of Blossom

    Surprisingly the children like the animals best, followed by the show bags and rides

  66. Avatar of Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Reply

    Seeing and sampling all the new and gorgeous SA produce at Tasting SA!

  67. Avatar of Sarah

    The Horticultural display, the spectacular Floriculture, the ability to buy fresh-milk milk shakes with Golden North ice cream, the Champion animals and the best CWA scones with apricot jam and cream.
    It doesn’t get much better than this.

  68. Avatar of Amanda Law
    Amanda Law Reply

    Love watching the fireworks and watching our kids run around like mad chooks having an amazing time!

  69. Avatar of Monique Hirst
    Monique Hirst Reply

    The atmosphere and all the little stalls. This year though I think I will love the look on my daughters face as she is at an age where it will be so exciting

  70. Avatar of Christine

    How much can a wood chopper chop?
    As much as a wood chopper could,
    It’s a funny saying but it’s what I love most,
    At the Royal Adelaide show since my childhood.

    So off to the show, I’ll go again this year,
    And wait in the stands til I see,
    The wood choppers chop their logs of wood,
    It’s the highlight of the show for me.

  71. Avatar of cat

    The chance for the kids to see and try new things. They get to see the animals, taste the different foods and try the rides all while still spending time with mum and dad and not being embarrassed about it.

  72. Avatar of Lauren G

    I love taking the kids around to see all of the animals. It’s so great watching them get up close to so many of them.

  73. Avatar of Cathy Anderson
    Cathy Anderson Reply

    Love all the animals, especially the chooks! I always want to take some home with me!

  74. Avatar of Mandy Smith
    Mandy Smith Reply

    We love the atmosphere, the animals, the rides, the showbags and a great family day out.

  75. Avatar of Karen Holding
    Karen Holding Reply

    I love the animals, its the one time a year I can indulge in my love of alpacas.

  76. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    The sense of wonder exhibited by our kids; particularly when we visit the Ag Farm Barn and they pet the baby animals or hold chicks cupped in their hands. (Things which I took for granted growing up in the country.)

  77. Avatar of Rebecca Spellacy
    Rebecca Spellacy Reply

    I love the show because kids can be just that…kids. They can run around…see the sights…be able to eat junk food and enjoy. Ok… my 2 become overtired and irritable at the end of the day but knowing that they’ve had a ball is such a delight and more memories have been created. Rebecca ☺

  78. Avatar of Chloé Jessica Jagdale
    Chloé Jessica Jagdale Reply

    The Royal Adelaide show is something that my family has grown up with and we never miss it !! Every year we get excited to go . Even now my 3 year old daughter loves going having fun going to the animal farm and watching pig racing . That’s a icon to see

  79. Avatar of Shannon

    I love the memories I have of going to the show when I was kid with my family, going on rides, eating until I was sick (literally), seeing shows, and of course, show bags. I loved the tradition we had of going through our show bags when we got home to swap items we didn’t want or like with ones we did (and dad always got the phantom comics). I love that I am going to get to create those memories with my kids now.

  80. Avatar of JessHoppo

    We love the show because the kids love seeing the animals but the best part is taking old Nannie Nannie to the show she loves it much more than the kids do!

  81. Avatar of Chelsea Kim Blazewicz
    Chelsea Kim Blazewicz Reply

    Each year we have discovered something new to love about the show. We can’t possibly see it all in one day and so we keep it interesting by discovering a new thing to love and do that we can look forward to in the following year. When the kids were toddlers, it was the children’s zone. They grew and were able to ride ponies the following year. One year it was the petting zoo.. soon enough we loved & weren’t scared anymore by bugs & reptiles too! It’s the simple pleasures my kids remember. Childlike wonder is key to happiness at the show!

  82. Avatar of Chloe Piper
    Chloe Piper Reply

    We love the joy, excitement, wonder and lots of questions that come from little Miss 5.

  83. Avatar of AmyAmyAmy

    Spending time with family. We love the night-time entertainment (bikes/cars etc), although my daughter finds it too loud; she loves seeing the animals.and watching the pig races. Last year she loved the sheep shearing and wood chopping because it reminded her of her country Poppa who she doenst see as often as we’d like too. This year my daughter is excited for being tall enough to go on the bigger rides.

  84. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    There is something for everyone, young and old, to enjoy at the show. A great family day out.

  85. Avatar of Krysti Liccione
    Krysti Liccione Reply

    Everything it’s just an amazing day to have so much fun and spend time with family and friends making lots of awesome memories and watching the kids faces taking in all the atmosphere Just a great day

  86. Avatar of Alicia

    I love doing the Yellow Brick Road. It’s a great way to get around and see some of the stall holders.

  87. Avatar of XiTaU

    I want to take my niece from out of state to her 1st show just like when i used to go to the show as a kid. My favourite thing was always the ferris wheel just because of the view you got from up there while always feeling safe.

  88. Avatar of Tamryn Marsh
    Tamryn Marsh Reply

    I’d love to take my 3 girls to the show. It would be a trip of a lifetime for them.

  89. Avatar of Sacha Pech
    Sacha Pech Reply

    I absolutely love the Yellow Brick Road; you get to discover all different things at the show you might normally have missed. It’s like a treasure hunt.

  90. Avatar of Christina

    Would love to take my 3 year old to his first show! A real experience for him 🙂

  91. Avatar of Linette Grzelak
    Linette Grzelak Reply

    I have taken my 8 year old son every year to the show since he was born. I gave birth to my second child in January and would love to take them both this year. Our tradition is to watch the diving pigs,have our photo taken in the barnyard nursery and do the Yellow Brick Road.

  92. Avatar of robfunk

    I love the night show and the fireworks, seeing the reaction on my son’s face to the exciting moments is awesome.

  93. Avatar of Janet

    I love taking our son to the show. His face just melts my heart when he sees all the rides, lights and animals its like all his christmases come at once.

  94. Avatar of Louise

    Everything about the show, the excitment, the people, the shows the rides! love it all

  95. Avatar of Leonie

    We love everything about the show. It’s a great family day out.

  96. Avatar of Jessica Ervin
    Jessica Ervin Reply

    We love to sit and watch the grand procession in the main arena. Watching the champions of the show walk past xx

  97. Avatar of Kellie

    Everything! The show rides, pig racing, wood chopping and the animals. We really love the night entertainment with the cars, bikes and fireworks.

  98. Avatar of Starr Dulvarie
    Starr Dulvarie Reply

    I love showing my girls all of the animals! They love learning about how cows are milked and butter is made!

  99. Avatar of Paula Stace
    Paula Stace Reply

    i love taking my daughters to get their showbags. They loooove it!!!!!!

  100. Avatar of Lovely Q

    What’s not to love???? A fun filled day with family & friends 🙂

  101. Avatar of Gavin

    I love how every year you are dying to have that ‘Show’ treat e.g. dippy dog until you have that first bite and remember why you didn’t have it for the last year….

  102. Avatar of Petrina Appleby
    Petrina Appleby Reply

    Love it all. Showing my kids the cakes, sewing and the animals being judged … The country part of the show. Going to the CWA store for scones and the Bertie beetles!

  103. Avatar of Rebecca Evans
    Rebecca Evans Reply

    We love everything! The colours, the sounds, watching families have fun together. We still haven’t stayed for the fireworks so I would love to do that with the kids.

  104. Avatar of Jakki Thompson
    Jakki Thompson Reply

    We love the animals-all of them. Also we just generally love the great atmosphere

  105. Avatar of Emma

    I love watching my kids get hands on with the animals and the joy on their faces when they see all the rides, shows and the special show food! We’ve never stayed for the fireworks so I’d love to stay for the early fireworks this year.

  106. Avatar of Kristy Sinkovic
    Kristy Sinkovic Reply

    I love the excitement on the kids faces, showing them things I loved seeing and still remember from when I was little. And the fireworks 🙂

  107. Avatar of Natalie H

    I love the woodchopping and the pig racing. Love showing my kids everything I used to love visiting as a kid too!

  108. Avatar of FoodieK

    I love the simple things like seeing the children’s artwork and cakes and flowers but my daughter adores the rollercoaster!

  109. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    I love exploring all the halls, but my upmost favourite part is seeing my sons face light up with awe and excitement as he experiences all the show has to offer 🙂

  110. Avatar of Rebecca Drosse
    Rebecca Drosse Reply

    We love the excitement of sideshow alley and being spoilt for choice in the showbag hall! And we can’t go past the farmyard nursery. 🙂

  111. Avatar of Marcia

    I love the wood chopping, seeing all the animals, wandering through all the halls and seeing what is on show, the fireworks, the cars in the entertainment arena, the whole atmosphere!

  112. Avatar of Krista

    We love all the animals. We personally visit every animal within the show grounds!

  113. Avatar of Megan Borrowdale
    Megan Borrowdale Reply

    We Love the Royal Show,
    My 3 Boys can’t wait to go!
    Exploring the grounds,
    and the fun that surrounds.
    It’s hard to pinpoint one,
    as it’s all really fun!
    Sideshows & rides,
    to fairy-floss & fries.
    Entertainment galore,
    there’s so much to explore!
    Showbags are cool,
    but bar far the Fireworks RULE!!!

  114. Avatar of Sarah Edwards
    Sarah Edwards Reply

    We love seeing the animals, its the highlight for my kids. We can’t go past the baby chicks without having a cuddle.

  115. Avatar of Melanie

    I really enjoy seeing the excitement in my young grandchildren’s faces, as they explore all the activities around the show grounds. Catching the train there and home adds to their excitement, as well. We always love the animals, large and small. The Yellow Brick Road Show bag is great value, and provides healthy snacks throughout the day. My 4yo grandson especially loves watching the Motor X Team events in the Main Arena, as he tells everyone he is going to race motorbikes when he grows up. No wonder Nannas end up with grey hair!

  116. Avatar of Mandie

    love the atmosphere and would be the first one for my 2 1/2 year old.

  117. Avatar of Karen

    The whole family loves the rides, showbags and excitement of being at the show

  118. Avatar of Lisa lloyd
    Lisa lloyd Reply

    We wait the whole year for the show, it’s so much fun for everyone. My daughter loved the animals last year, this year she’s that little bit older so I’m sure she’ll love it even more!

  119. Avatar of Tash

    As a kid i remember always loving the showbags…the only reason i would go to the show.

  120. Avatar of Kassy Shrive
    Kassy Shrive Reply

    I love spending the day with my family and seeing the look of joy on my daughters face as we explore the grounds.

  121. Avatar of Marg

    I love the feel of the place. People looking at things, laughing, eating – enjoying life and our States produce

  122. Avatar of Catrina

    I love the smell of donuts, the smiles on the children’s faces as they explore the side shows and animals.

  123. Avatar of Zoe Mia

    I love the excitement leading up to the stand then looking around at all the smiles, laughs and screams. It just brings so much happiness. Seeing the huge range of animals would be a highlight for us.

  124. Avatar of Joanne Middleton
    Joanne Middleton Reply

    I love the horse and also car events. My daughter with love seeing any dogs and cats on display.

  125. Avatar of Kellie Walters
    Kellie Walters Reply

    The atmosphere. Everyone walking through the gate has a little bit of excitement that shows on their face as they take their first look around to see where they are going to start first.

  126. Avatar of Tracey Burton
    Tracey Burton Reply

    Having grown up on a farm I love the farm animals and teaching my daughter all about farm life. I’m also partial to a dagwood dog!

  127. Avatar of Janine Mertin
    Janine Mertin Reply

    I love seeing the excitement on my kids faces when they first walk through the gate, eating fairy floss off a stick, trying our luck on the sideshows and wandering the show bag hall trying to decide which show bags to buy!

  128. Avatar of Craig W

    Without doubt, the aftermath… My kids insisting that we empty all the showbags on the living room floor and telling us that we can’t move the toys etc for days as “that’s where the toys live now…” 🙂

  129. Avatar of Lisa Marie Connolly
    Lisa Marie Connolly Reply

    I love taking the children to see the animal exhibits. Its gives them a chance to learn about animals and maybe even pet them. Oh and I love looking at the cake exhibition. 🙂

  130. Avatar of Kathy Gamble
    Kathy Gamble Reply

    Love seeing my youngest son face
    with seeing the rides and showbags and how excited he gets

  131. Avatar of Deb

    Going to the show has always been one of my most favorite memories as a child, I always looked forward to buying hot chips and watching the fireworks. We would watch the stunt cars beforehand, always a highlight!!! I would love to be able to take my girls and create some memories of our own.

  132. Avatar of Jenny Mansbridge
    Jenny Mansbridge Reply

    Love the dog display the most and the children animal farm, and just the atmosphere that the show has.

  133. Avatar of Tania Clark
    Tania Clark Reply

    This year it’s all about the show bags, my little one has been studying the guide everyday , he’s only just turned four lol!

  134. Avatar of kimberley152
    kimberley152 Reply

    We haven’t been for a few years and my youngest can’t remember going so this year I’m looking forward to seeing his face light up with excitement and he said he wants to see a cow up close.

  135. Avatar of traci agudah
    traci agudah Reply

    I’m not sure, I haven’t been since I was a kid but I loved the pirate ship back then.

  136. Avatar of Jacqueline Sith Lord Lee
    Jacqueline Sith Lord Lee Reply

    I love the excitement on my children’s faces,takes me back to the excitement I felt as a child going to the show with my parents. We love the animals and fireworks and spending the whole day together not having to worry about work or school.

  137. Avatar of Alison T-C
    Alison T-C Reply

    The Royal Adelaide Show celebrates and showcases our great state and is lots of FUN. We love the food, the fireworks, the sideshows, the rides, the pavilions… and enjoying it together as a family.

  138. Avatar of Sam Allen-Stephens
    Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    I love the food and wine tasting. I especially love making my partner piggyback our son so I can fill his stroller with wine!

  139. Avatar of April Kerley
    April Kerley Reply

    I just love the overall atmosphere of the show! Especially as a kid I remember the excitement and can’t wait for my son to experience it.

  140. Avatar of Pamela Singleton
    Pamela Singleton Reply

    The Adelaide show is for families to just have fun, hoping to win for a dear friend so she can have some quality time with her family.

  141. Avatar of Amy

    The atmosphere! So many happy families enjoying themselves!
    I’m not going to lie, I do also love the snacks and the lolly showbags 🙂
    & this year Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Paw Patrol will be at the show so I am sure there will be a lot of very excited young ones!

  142. Avatar of Ashell

    The magic of children’s laughter so much to experience on show !
    Creating long lasting ,memories that set the family aglow !

  143. Avatar of Odile

    I love people watching – what the fashion trends are, what they’ve been buying at the show. I love the sampling of the foods and drinks, and could almost make a meal out of all the samples. Love the show.

  144. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    I love the whole day at the show, just going through the gate starts the magic. The halls filled with amazing things to look at and happy people to talk to. The sampling hall filled with produce to taste, the food stalls where we can purchase tasty food then sit on the grass and watch events on the arena. The animals where we can learn to milk a cow, pat the pigs, look at the cats and dogs and horses, the sample bags we have to have, cant go home with out some.
    And of course side show alley with the rides and the laughing clowns the kids love to put balls in their mouths. The fireworks if we are there on the right day and we still have enough energy to last the night to watch.

  145. Avatar of Jessica Harrison
    Jessica Harrison Reply

    I love seeing the animals and the interactive displays.

  146. Avatar of Rachel Stribling
    Rachel Stribling Reply

    I love the environment, the lights, the animals and the way my kids faces light up when we see that huge ferris wheel!

  147. Avatar of Honi Hons

    Watching the pig races is something that we make sure we do everytime we go to the show.

  148. Avatar of Karen Tatum-Hunnam
    Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    I love everything about the show but the best this is seeing my sons face light up when we walk through those gates and stay like that all day as he discovers everything that the show has to offer

  149. Avatar of Kristen Mason
    Kristen Mason Reply

    We always love the wood chopping, fire works and animal’s. The whole day has riveting atmosphere but they would have to be the family favourites

  150. Avatar of Melissa Sharland
    Melissa Sharland Reply

    I love the atmosphere and the look on my kids faces as they take everything in. From the sideshows, animals and wood chopping to showbags. Then the cuddles after the long day listening to the kids tell us all the exciting things they saw.

  151. Avatar of angela

    Both my self and the kids love the pig racing and seeing all the other animals

  152. Avatar of Jeanette

    We have created a family tradition of going to the show on Father’s Day. It would be wonderful to win tickets this year 🙂
    We love watching the pig races!
    Thanks Mum Central for this opportunity.

  153. Avatar of Abbie Allen

    Surprisingly last year our 4 year old daughter absolutely loved the Monster Cars even though she had never seen them before! It’s just so exciting to se your kid’s eyes light up at all the new things.

  154. Avatar of Leslee Moyle
    Leslee Moyle Reply

    We love going each year and save especially for it! These tickets will help us to spend money on a couple extra show bags!

  155. Avatar of Kylie

    I have been to the Royal Adelaide Show for 41 years. As a child my family showed cows there and now as a mum i love seeing my kids so excited about everything that goes on. Myself and the kids just love it.

  156. Avatar of Kelly Wagner
    Kelly Wagner Reply

    We love the Bank SA farm experience – It is very interactive and engaging. The kids love it and the students who volunteer are really lovely and helpful with the young ones.

  157. Avatar of Dani Franklin
    Dani Franklin Reply

    We love doing the Yellow Brick Road together – it gets us visiting all the pavillions and we get healthy snacks from the bag along the way (such as dairy and fruit)

  158. Avatar of Alison Buhagiar
    Alison Buhagiar Reply

    Our family loves going to the show, we have 2 kids with a 5 year gap and this often means they they don’t enjoy doing the same things. We never have this problem at the Royal Adelaide Show though, this is a place we can all go together as a family and everyone gets something out of it. The South Australian farm exhibit is a really special place, being able to get close to and even hold farm animals is fantastic.

  159. Avatar of Bronnie Elliott
    Bronnie Elliott Reply

    I love all the animals and the fresh produce stands and the kids are mesmerised by the sideshows and rides!

  160. Avatar of Trish Indahaus
    Trish Indahaus Reply

    My mum use to take me to the show every year. We didn’t do alot of things like this but our visits to the royal show stands out in my mind growing up; memories of getting to spend a quality day together doing tonnes of fun things and eating lots of “sometimes” foods. My mum has passed away now, but when I take my daughter and son to the show I feel nostalgic; like she is there with us. I hope one day that my kids will remember our visits together as fondly I have and a tradition I hope to continue for many years.

  161. Avatar of Sammi D

    The sounds, sights and smells! Show time is such a special time of the year here in Adelaide and As a child I remember my whole year revolving around show time and I’d love to take my two little girls along to experience such a event and create some memories of our own.

  162. Avatar of Nancy

    Its all about spending time together as a family. My kids are all different ages but there is something for them each to enjoy. Its a lovely day out for the whole family.

  163. Avatar of Rachel Cheel
    Rachel Cheel Reply

    With both of our kiddies being young, they haven’t had many show opportunities yet (like I had growing up!) But in the 3 times my daughter has been and the 1 time my little man has, the look of excitement on their faces is one myself as a parent will NEVER forget! The sounds, smells, rides, animals, showbags, sideshows, fireworks…..the list goes on! We love and look forward to making MANY wonderful childhood memories at the show! 🙂 <3 <3

  164. Avatar of Lee-Anne Francese
    Lee-Anne Francese Reply

    I have always loved the Show as a child, it was a special family time. We were allowed a couple of show bags and a couple of rides, but the day was spent walking around and seeing all the sights, animals and shows. This is exactly what I want for my two boys. We usually go for the whole day, take our snacks and packed lunch, and spend the day enjoying quality family time. I allow my boys a couple of show bags which they love. But they also love seeing the animals, the shows, the smell, sights and noises of the show. We have a picnic around the arena so we can watch the parades and they make sure they last the day so they can see the fire works at the end of the night. It is a special day which we talk about for months later, and it proves to my children we don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy ourselves. I would love to have this opportunity to do this again this year.

  165. Avatar of Kelly-Anne Leddy
    Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    I love the atmosphere of the show and watching the free entertainment and food tasting

  166. Avatar of Caron J

    I love all aspects of the show and have amazing memories going with my family. the atmosphere is always electric. this is the first year we will be looking at taking our nearly 3yr old son and I can’t wait to see his excitement at all the animals, side shows and he has already picked out a show bag!!

  167. Avatar of Maree Schmidt
    Maree Schmidt Reply

    I love the wood chopping, animal pavilions, horses and all the shows that get put on!! The kids love everything!!!

  168. Avatar of Randall South
    Randall South Reply

    We love the wood chopping and the Dmax ute demonstration!!

  169. Avatar of Asha Burrows
    Asha Burrows Reply

    We love the variety of the show and seeing the home grown products and business. It really showcases what south Australia and other states have to offer.

  170. Avatar of Daniel G Hill
    Daniel G Hill Reply

    Easily the kids section: rides, petting zoo, ride on vehicles.
    I may like to then venture to sideshow alley to turn back the clock

  171. Avatar of Cymone Harriss
    Cymone Harriss Reply

    We loved the double decker Carosel and the baby animals especially being able to hold the chickens. Because of this we now have chickens as pets.

  172. Avatar of Bonnie Stevens
    Bonnie Stevens Reply

    I love seeing the pure joy on the kids faces. The atmosphere and the memories. Must have a dagwood dog and a beef carvery roll drowned in gravy and fairy floss…safe to say I love show food!

  173. Avatar of Natla

    I love the sensory part of the Adelaide Show! An eclectic mix of smelly animals, deep fried delights and sweet sticky fairy floss. The Animals are a great element of the show, it keeps the feel and the original meaning behind the show and brings the sense of a rural show to the city. The sounds and laughter of kids and good family time shared is also a highlight for me! Also the amazing amount of entries to competitions and animal events amazes me!

  174. Avatar of Megan Crichton
    Megan Crichton Reply

    I love seeing the kids faces and all the animals and showbags.

  175. Avatar of Amy Costa

    I love being able to spend the whole day with my family and doing a bit of everything. The kids get to learn about all sorts from animals, to crafts, to flowers and just being able to enjoy the day and finishing off with fireworks

  176. Avatar of Rachelle Jesney Wallace
    Rachelle Jesney Wallace Reply

    I have only been once and I loved the atmosphere. I’d love to take the family

  177. Avatar of Asha Stanley
    Asha Stanley Reply

    So many things to love at the show-
    Hot cinnamon donuts on the go
    Watching all the animal races
    Seeing the smile on my kids’ faces

  178. Avatar of Natasha Clake
    Natasha Clake Reply

    I love the little princess dolls on the sticks. Reminds me of when my beautiful grandma used to take me. She’d buy me one every year.

  179. Avatar of Danielle Leggatt
    Danielle Leggatt Reply

    What don’t I love?! The food, showbags, rides, animals, displays, the atmosphere but most of all FAIRYFLOSS! I would love to take my 1 year old daughter for the first time and see her face light up 😀

  180. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy Winters Reply

    I love the yellow brick road bag….. Do they still do that? It really got us around looking at everything.

  181. Avatar of Nicole Burford
    Nicole Burford Reply

    I love the atmosphere that you only get at the show. My kids faces light up, and all of the junk food that you can eat…for one day 😉

  182. Avatar of Micaela

    I love the atmosphere of the show and seeing my sons excitement when we are there!

  183. Avatar of Kerry05

    What’s not to love about the farm animals….and the show bags!

  184. Avatar of Carolyn Holmes
    Carolyn Holmes Reply

    I love the whole atmosphere. The food, the rides, the animals. Everyone is always happy

  185. Avatar of Karen Michele N
    Karen Michele N Reply

    The total carnival atmosphere, it’s so enthralling with the excitement of winning on the clowns to choosing showbags….the feeling of the sugar rush from over indulging….to the look of pure happiness on the children’s faces!

  186. Avatar of Jade Tobar
    Jade Tobar Reply

    I love the Yellow Brick Road trail and discovering all the amazing SA products on offer. An awesome atmosphere and great day out!

  187. Avatar of Satu Hoot Hoot
    Satu Hoot Hoot Reply

    The kids attractions and seeing the joy on the kids faces

  188. Avatar of Amy Woods

    I love everything about the royal Melbourne show but its not always easy to go when u have 4 kids as it can be very pricey. I love everything and I know my kids would love it as they have never been the farm animals would be on the top of the list with my kids they love all animals. The food and atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is so friendly. Love the royal Melbourne show 🙂

  189. Avatar of Nerissa Coote
    Nerissa Coote Reply

    As a kid we went every year and my favourite things were the animal nursery, the fireworks and the showbags. But as soon as you walked through the gates the atmosphere was exciting. I only ever eat those dinkum dogs at the show. My kids have never been and I’d love to take them do they can share the same experiences.

  190. Avatar of Brad Fischer
    Brad Fischer Reply

    I have been to the Adelaide Show every year since I was a kid and now would love to continue this with my little boy!

  191. Avatar of Shannon Ryan Artz
    Shannon Ryan Artz Reply

    Just the family time, the kids are always so happy and excited at the show, love seeing the wonderment and awe on their faces!

  192. Avatar of Ashell

    Animals, rides and Fairy Floss- a great mixture on show
    Sticky faces and wide grin sure set the family aglow !

  193. Avatar of kyla webber
    kyla webber Reply

    I love the look of delight on the childrens faces when we see the animals and seeing all of the new things, not to forget the showbags at the end of the day

  194. Avatar of Aly Giannitto
    Aly Giannitto Reply

    How excited my daughter gets when she sees all the animals and needs to tell me what each is called, the sound they make and what they do. It’s actually pretty hilarious! Oh and definitely the little pig races! Picking your colour and cheering him on to win 🙂

  195. Avatar of Samantha

    I took my daughter for the first time last year and will always remember just the look of overwhelmed shock on her face. She was so excited to see the animals and the Ferris wheel. It was just an amazing bonding time with my daughter and was lucky enough to have my mum there to share it too. As hectic as show time is, it’s such a great family time and something really special to share

  196. Avatar of Val C.

    There is something for everyone, the animals, the rides, showbags for everyone, the craft for great-grandma, the food, just so many things that come once a year!!!

  197. Avatar of Emily Parrella
    Emily Parrella Reply

    Yummy food

    Dagwood dogs

    Hours of joy

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