With more than 130,400 new cancer cases diagnosed in 2016, the Cancer Council is setting off on its Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) Study to cut into this number by finding out how genetics and lifestyle become risk factors.

Here’s where they need your help!

If you’re a healthy adult between 40-74 years who has never had a cancer diagnosis, you may be eligible to help the Cancer Council out. Right now they’re looking for 50,000 Australians to take part in their research. This is one of the largest Australian research groups ever when it comes to studying diseases such as cancer.

As of now, 20,000 Australians have already signed up to participate. How cool is that!? Researchers at the ABC Study aim to find out just what causes cancer and how genes and the environment contribute to the development of the disease. And, who doesn’t want to know that?


The results from the study may help scientists and doctors to better predict cancer risk, based on the patient’s genetic profile and lifestyle. This means that your medical pro might someday be able to let you know if you’re at risk – or not. While it’s not exactly the crystal ball of cancer, it’s a step towards creating some solid prevention strategies.

So, if you’re lucky enough to have never tangled with cancer – now you can make a difference when it comes to the disease.

And, don’t worry – it’s not one of those poke you, prod you, make you stay in the hospital for a month type of deals.  It’s simply a saliva and blood sample for a genetic profile and the rest is all on paper (questionnaire).

And, how are these researchers using the data? They’re planning on putting your answers to their questions together with the other 49,999 answers. Then, they’ll look for trends and compare participants who are diagnosed with cancer later on to those who aren’t.


They’re also taking those saliva and blood samples and putting them to use too. How? Researchers will look at your genetics (and the other tens of thousands of participants) to see if they can predict cancer risk. Sounds much better than scan after scan after scan after scan, right?

Well, if you want to help the pros to predict risk, sign up for the study. Like, now. We mean today. If you’re not eligible you can still help too. Spread the word and get your fellow Australians to sign up.



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