How Would You Fare? Italian Restaurant Discounts Based on Your Kids Behaviour!


Hate dining in a restaurant with other people’s vile, feral kids? Or couldn’t care less and think children are as entitled to be there as everyone else? Either way this Italian restaurant owner has introduced a game changer… 

Italian restaurateur, Antonio Ferrari, has had it with badly behaved kids in his eatery and by ‘had enough’, we mean he’s doing something about it. The surprise flip to this story is that he isn’t banning children or asking ‘irresponsible’ parents to leave, he’s incentivising families who show good behaviour.

Much like your own kid’s reward chart which uses positive reinforcement to confirm the behaviours you are encouraging Antonio Ferrari applies a discount to the bill if he feels it’s warranted!

The idea came to Padua based Ferrari when he spotted a party of 11, including five children, sitting at a table ‘with much composure’. Ferrari randomly applies a 5% discount to the bill to thank the parents for the ‘good work’ they are doing.

Via Antonia Ferrari faecbook.
Via Antonia Ferrari facebook.

Far from judgemental, Ferrari comments ‘I imagine how difficult parenting is today‘ but ‘30% of parents do not know how to handle their children at lunchtime.’ He said his main concern was youngsters running around which was both dangerous and not an enjoyable experience for other patrons.

Would you dare to eat in Ferrari’s restaurant? Do you think your family would qualify for the good behaviour discount? Tell us below what you think of this concept! 



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    This is a wonderful idea. I know a couple who eat out if they go away for the weekend, usually at the same hotel. Their children never leave their chairs unless they need to go to the toilet. As thew parents and others with them normally take longer to eat their meals and have a couple of drinks the children often finish their meals first. The children have to wait until the staff have taken their plates away, then they are given colouring in books or one to draw in, and pencils – not markers in case they go off the edge of the page – the youngest child is about 3 y.o. They have been given chocolate frogs or…..or frog in a pond. A chocolate frog sitting on jelly.

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