American Girl? Nope It’s An American Boy Now!


American Girl is switching things up and bringing in the boys. Or at least, one very special boy. If you’ve got an American Girl doll fan in your house chances are this could be on the 2017 ‘most wanted’ list! 

That’s right. Fans of the doll are getting a new addition addition in 2017. And what would that be? A boy doll! Yep, it’s a boy!

With a diverse array of dolls coming out this year, this is the first time American Girl has broken from their mold and introduced an ‘American boy’.

So, who is this first of a kind boy? His name is Logan Everett and he’s a drummer. He’s kind of hip (at least as hip as a doll can be) and sports a cool plaid flannel. His backstory features a friend named Tenney Grant and plenty of music. Okay, Tenney? Yep, Tenney. And she’s a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.


Logan isn’t the only new addition for the year. The doll-making giant announced their 2017 “Girl of the Year” as 2016 came to close. This year’s girl is Gabriela McBride. She’s a creative kid who uses poetry to overcome her stutter. Other 2017 newcomers include the Korean-American Z Yang (she’s a popular character from the American Girl’s YouTube channel) and Nanea, a Hawaiian character.

Along with the new characters, American Girl is reintroducing a former favourite – Felicity, from the Revolutionary War.

Not only are there new dolls rolling out, but these characters have their own books, music and more! There’s plenty of digital entertainment, with online videos, activities, wallpaper and e-cards for some of the dolls.

The move to a more inclusive line that now encompasses more than one gender isn’t by chance. Obviously. In response to consumers’ wishes for a boy doll, the company finally decided to introduce their token guy to the line. Whether it’s to give boys someone like them for playtime or to help them see that dolls aren’t just for girls, this much-anticipated new American Girl (okay, boy) is very much welcomed!

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