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270+ Mums Review FESS® Little Noses on Clearing Nasal Congestion

When your little one is all stuffed up, there’s not a whole lot you can do.

There are particular medications we rely on for our own colds and flu that are not suitable for babies, especially newborns. But there is one natural way to help relieve nasal congestion or blocked noses caused by excess mucus¹¹ in babies, infants, toddlers and kids.

In fact, it’s so effective that 270+ mums would gladly recommend it to other mums¹. It received a 4.5/5 star rating with our mums¹. 

What is the product? FESS® Little Noses – a gentle saline solution designed to help clear babies’ blocked noses naturally.

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How does it work?

It’s incredibly simple. If using the spray, place the spray nozzle near bub’s nose and press. The nozzle releases a reduced volume of spray to make it gentler for little noses. It works to thin the mucus causing the congestion and assist your child to breathe out of the nose.

If using drops, lie baby flat on his/her back and carefully tilt their head back. Hold the bottle upside down and gently squeeze 1 to 3 drops into each nostril. Hold your baby in this position for 1 to 2 minutes to give FESS® Little Noses Saline Nasal Drops time to thin the mucus.

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Real mums review: FESS® Little Noses

We recently asked our audience to share their thoughts¹ on FESS® Little Noses.

Out of 275 Australian mums with babies aged newborn to two years¹,
  • 99% said the product worked
  • 98% would recommend this product to a friend
  • 97% gave it a four or five star (out of five) rating
  • 95% would use FESS Little Noses again
  • 95% said it was a natural way to clear congestion

What mums are saying¹ about FESS® Little Noses

FESS Little Noses review
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Every new mum should have this on hand to clear blocked little noses.” –  Jodi Bussell

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Image Credit: Sharon Millbourn

I love how easy it is to use and helps relieve congestion and softens any hard nasal mucus allowing it to be removed easily.” – Sharon Millburn

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My daughter had just started daycare so came home almost weekly with a runny nose/blocked nose, FESS® Little Noses helped clear that up, making it easier for her to drink her bottles and sleep at night.” – Emma Casey

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It is really easy and effective. Bub is not fussy while I am doing it and makes him feel so much better as it has helped him breathe so much easier.” – Sara Dolabi

Why do mums love it?

FESS® Little Noses works the way it’s supposed to and offers a quick, fast solution to cold, flu and congestion in babies and toddlers. It is also helpful for clearing congestion in babies with allergies or hayfever.

FESS® Little Noses products are a natural way to help relieve nasal congestion [or blocked noses caused by excess mucus].  You won’t find many products on the shelves that can offer this promise.  In fact, it’s no surprise it’s Australia’s #1 saline range for newborns².

The mums who tried FESS® Little Noses also pointed out that, by using the spray, their babies and toddlers were able to breathe easier, sleep better (without that snotty congestion keeping them up) and breastfeed more effectively.

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Even more happy mums and bubs 

This product provided almost instant relief.” – Emma Dart

It can be used on newborns, it’s over the counter and it’s reasonably priced. But most importantly… it works.” – Deanne Tomich

Used and loved for both my babes. Helps clear congestion and is simple use. Quick and easy means less fuss!” – Kelly Cabrera
A miracle worker! Not only can you get muck out that you didn’t know was in there, it’s a game-changer when your poor little one is struggling to breathe.” –  Alexandra Comley
The spray does the job and works wonders. It’s honestly a life savour!” – Sally Lemass
It’s a reliable product and truly helpful when your little baby is congested.” – Kate Misra

Spray, aspirator and drops options available

In addition to FESS® Little Noses spray, there is also a FESS® Little Noses aspirator which you can purchase with the saline solution. This is a flexible bulb syringe with a soft tip designed to gently suction the softened mucus out of the baby’s nose.

You can also purchase FESS® Little Noses saline drops if you’d prefer to use drops over a spray option. Some mums like drops better, especially for newborns.

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The nasal spray came out easily and the sucker that came with it was brilliant at clearing my baby’s nose.”  – Jessica Bedford

So easy to use, no fighting to get the drops in. Very gentle for a little bub. Super effective for clearing a little snuffly nose.” – Elizabeth Isaac

Love its saline spray’s fast action in loosening the mucus inside my baby’s nose and the suction of the bulb. Very effective and convenient –  a must-have for new parents!” – Aditi Verma

FESS® Little Noses saline spray, drops, and aspirator are all available over the counter from most pharmacies across Australia. You can buy both the spray plus the aspirator at Chemist Warehouse.

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FESS® Little Noses Saline Spray

FESS® Little Noses Saline Spray
Value for Money8.8
Natural Way to Relieve Congestion9.2
Use Again9.2

It’s an essential in any parent’s medicine box” Adeline Collinson

“It’s the only product I would recommend for kids’ congestion.” Vanessa Cartledge

“It’s good value for money while also being very effective.” Mel Russell

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For the second year, FESS® Little Noses has received the Mum Central Choice Seal of Approval¹. Not only do we recommend this product, but 270+ other mums do too¹.

¹Care Pharmaceuticals is a proud sponsor of this Mum Central campaign. Participants may receive a reward for their product reviews.

²0 to 2 years of age, IRI SCAN DATA MAT 10/05/2020

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