If you’re looking for a new movie to steal your family’s hearts – and a range of toys to capture your kids imaginations then look no further than Trolls this December!

Full to the brim with heart, courage, sass and a raft of catchy tunes this new release movie celebrates the genuine and heart-warming tale of finding your happy place.

trolls-movieGrab your kids and be whisked away to a colourful, wondrous world filled with these colourful fellows and a lot of wild, fabulous hair! The movie is supported by an awesome range of toys that will allow little people to re-enact all the fun, adventures and laughs at home. And one thing we know for sure this December is that Trolls will be on every little person’s Christmas list! (So get shopping quickly Mumma, there’s nothing worse than missing out!)

If Mums see this adorable range and feel slightly nostalgic it’s because they’ll immediately remember the original Trolls of their childhood. No longer relegated to the end of your pencil (remember that!?) this range includes plush favourites for cuddling, fashion sets for hair grooming, skateboards for the cool kids, craft for the creative ones and all the characters you’ll find in the movie (and much, much more!)

If you haven’t heard about Trolls yet, here’s what you need to know!

The genius team behind classic Shrek have a newbie flick about to hit the big screens and it’s guaranteed to be an instant favourite with the whole crew. This smart, funny and irreverent animated comedy is being touted as the ‘kids release of the year’ and with its all-star cast we can totally see why!

Sure to be a winner with the whole family, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll sing, sing, sing in this hair-raising and hair-lairous adventure! Even better the toys are sure to keep your spirit soaring and the magic alive long after the curtains have closed on the movie screening.

They’ve also got a fab range of merchandise on sale, just in time for Christmas presents!  Some of our favourites include:


Crayola Creative Tool Kit

Ages 4+ RRP: $12.00
Colourful kit featuring all the great Crayola tools kids will need to colour up their favourite Troll! This all-in-one kit includes 20 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies Markers, 6 Twistables Crayons, 6 Twistables Coloured Pencils, and 10 sheets of Trolls line art to colour in.
Stockist: Available at Big W and Toys R Us.


Crayola Washable Paint Set

Ages 3+ RRP: $25.00
Includes three 2-oz. paint bottles, 3 premium character brushes, line art and foam sponges.
• Washable paint
• Kids can colour their favorite Troll Character or Scene using the character brushes
Stockist: Available at Big W and Toys R Us.


Trolls Capsule Figure Assorted

Ages + RRP: 6.00
Stockist: Available at BIG W and Coles Express. 


Poppy Troll Head Band

Ages 4+ RRP: $10.00
Stockist: Available at Best & Less and Big Wtrolls-headband

Trolls 1001 Things to Look and Find

Ages 4+ RRP: $14.95
Come and explore the fantastic world of the Trolls in this wonderful book. With hundreds of items to find, new characters to meet and a special spot on every page, this book is perfect for every Trolls fan
Stockist: Lead Retailers are Big W, Costco, Toys R Us, Target and K-Marttrolls-1001-things-to-find-2

Trolls Junior Novel

Ages 4+ RRP: $12.95
The Trolls Junior Novel retells the story of the smash-hit film, Trolls. This hilarious adventure comedy is full of singing, dancing, heart-warming characters who find their true colours and learn to believe in themselves.
Stockist: Lead Retailers are Big W, Costco, Toys R Us, Target and K-Mart


Trolls Garden Playset

Ages 4+ RRP: $54.99
Great way for children to begin their love of the garden with this miniature indoor garden set.  Just add soil and own selection of plants.
Stockist: All leading toy stores. 


Trolls Colour Comb

Ages 4+ RRP: $10.99
Create highlights, strips of colour, layer different colours or invent your very own ombre!  Just choose the area you want to colour, then using the colour comb glide through the hair section pressing down gently – the more colour the more pressure.  Colour easily removed by shampoo and water.  100% temporary hair colour
Stockist: All leading toy stores.trolls-comb

Trolls Garden Gnome – Poppy

Ages 4 + RRP: $44.99
25cm Troll character garden gnome with sculptured hair.
Great collectable statue for the young miss’ room or as a colourful indoor / outdoor garden ornament.
Stockist: All leading toy stores.trolls-miniature-garden

Trolls is rated PG and launches in Australia 1 December! The range of Trolls toys is available at all major retailers and if you stay tuned, we MAY just have a MEGA TROLLS TOY GIVEAWAY up our sleeve!! 😉

divider-3enter-to-winTo celebrate this fab new release Mum Central and DreamWorks are excited to give 10 lucky readers the chance to win a double pass to see Trolls the Movie on the big screen with an in-season double pass.To enter, simply complete the entry form below and tell us in the comments what you love about Trolls and you could be a winner!


Win a Double Pass to see Dreamworks TROLLS in Cinemas Nationwide

2016-12-days-day-6-found-itCongratulations you found it!

Today’s prize in our 12 Days of Christmas is a bunch of Trolls merchandise packs valued at $750.

To enter, simply answer the question in the graphic above (the answers in this article) and click here to complete the entry form and you could be one of today’s winners!



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  1. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Absolutely love their funky colourful hairdo…..so adorable!!!

  2. I love that’s Trolls make my grand daughter laugh she loves them

  3. Emma Turner Reply


    I love how bright and colourful they are ! I think it’s fantastic another generation will get to experience the joy of playing with troll dolls 🙂

  4. After almost 30 years my childhood favorites are finally coming to life! I especially love that a whole new generation are about to fall in love with the trolls like many of us did as kids!

  5. Eamond Tomaszewski Reply

    My Whole Family are very short and we refer to each other as Trolls and i am Grumpy Troll

  6. They look like a lot of fun and a movie that both my girls would enjoy.

  7. Kristy Winters Reply

    Their crazy hair and I can’t wait to watch their crazy adventures with my kids

  8. Sarah humphreys Reply

    Bringing back the joy from my childhood and being able to share it with my son. He loves their crazy colourful hair

  9. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I love how bright & colourful they are, and all the cool songs they sing! This movie has an awesome soundtrack!

  10. Troll have proven they are ‘across generations’ delights. My kiddyhood trolls are now adored by my little ones who regularly include them in their creative play times…They love to be able to comb the Trolls hair.

  11. Teresa Clark Reply

    I love how bright and fun and colourful they are, you can’t help but smile at them.

  12. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    Trolls make you smile, takes me back to when Iwas a child and had trolls myself,so cute!!

  13. jane whelan Reply

    I use to love my trolls when l was little, though they weren’t as cute as these ones.

  14. I love that I still remember them from Roseanne…she always took them to BINGO for Luck!

  15. Charl Lowther Reply

    Had a small collection long again in my childhood. Great to see them back again 🙂

  16. I love that Trolls are making a comeback and bringing back memories for mums and create new memories and fun for the littlies.

  17. I loved Trolls when I was little, my friends & I had a huge collection on our desk at school! Nice to see something like this making a comeback!

  18. Claire Thrower Reply

    they are all about fun and good times, super cute and hours of fun for kids to play with and they have amazing hair, i have total hair envy.

  19. My 3 girls LOVE the bright hair, the singing and the glitter & can’t wait to see the movie!! -bring it on!!!

  20. Kate Slack Reply

    They are so bright and cheerful and promote happiness and fun.

  21. I love the nostalgia! I loved trolls as a little girl, I;m sure my kids will love them too!

  22. Elizabeth Mahony Reply

    I love the bright colours, great songs and the memories of my childhood – trolls were a favourite toy of mine!

  23. Ashley Beech Reply

    They’re musical and colourful, and so easy to love.
    But most of all I love that my kids will love them too!

  24. Nat Hallett Reply

    The funny hair, the cute faces, Trolls are a big favourite at our place.

  25. Sacha Pech Reply

    That they are as unique in personality and style as people are. There’s a troll to suit every personality type.

  26. I love how happy and colourful they are. They instantly bring a smile to your face

  27. Natalie Skinner Reply

    You can’t help but smile whenever you see a bright, colourful and cheerful troll

  28. Ann Maree Sculley Reply

    A childhood favourite , bright and funny but always Happy !

  29. Lenna Reinhard Reply

    I loved trolls when I was a kid and now my kids get a chance to see how cool trolls are. My 3yr old will love them I can’t wait to see the movie I’ve been hanging to see this movie

  30. Anthea Cornish Reply

    I love the Trolls as they are uniquely different and I loved them when they were popular years ago.I also collect them.

  31. Anita Andrews Reply

    The trolls are so bright and fun. Plus their singing is contagious.

  32. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    I had trolls growing up loved the hair styles couldnt wait to get the next one that came out

  33. Their hair, it’s big, bright, bold, vibrant, totally 80’s!!!

  34. All the memories they bring of my childhood, stealing my sisters Troll Dolls, and cutting their hair short, watching her scream!! Or changing their clothes around, boys onto girls and vice versa.

  35. They’re adorable collectibles, I still have all mine from when I was a kid too.

  36. Tiffany Kearvell Foweraker Reply

    I don’t have young kids, but that won’t stop me from seeing this cute movie about Trolls!!

  37. Valerie Wee Reply

    I love trolls because of the beautiful soft hair. They look adorable too!

  38. Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    They are so cute, when I was little I had a troll doll with pink hair, I love that this movie is for the whole family aswell

  39. Love them as a kid and I am certain the kids now will adore them as well

  40. I love that they were one of my favourite toys as a kid, despite not being typically beautiful like barbies, they taught me as a little girl that its not all about appearance, and that you can have massive amounts of fun with verticle standing hair!

  41. Trolls of my childhood showed me that not all trolls are super scary as the troll under the 3 billy goats Gruff’s bridge was. That bridge story scared me for ages.

  42. Tabatha Voss Reply

    I used to collect them as a child,so they remind me of my darling grandma

  43. Sharon Markwell Reply

    The music from Trolls just make me wanna Dance Dance Dance.

  44. Jenny Edwards Reply

    Loved troll dolls since childhood, with their crazy hair!

  45. michelle brown Reply

    Crazy hair, glad they are cuter than when I was a kid they were ugly then haha

  46. Sarahmary92 Reply

    Their happy and cheerful personalities and positive attitudes are AWESOME

  47. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    They’re cute, happy and colourful, and never let anything get them down.


  49. Natasha Andrews Reply

    That they promote finding the joy within yourself and thats a great message for anyone!

  50. Christina E Reply

    It brings me back to my younger days when Trolls were popular but in a more joyful, fun, colourful incentive way.

  51. Lyndall Crisp Reply

    I loved them as a kid and know my kids can love them too!

  52. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    All about that hair, I used to want hair just like my troll doll!

  53. Cee Moodie Reply

    I used the love the small trolls that could sit on the end of your pencil. Was such a lovely distraction during class.

  54. Tess Howard Reply

    OMG that hair! Much like mine on a humid day. Colourful and fun, they can’t be outgrown!

  55. Malini Marimuthu Reply

    Love troll since I was young. Love their colorful hair and character.

  56. Kelly Arnold Reply

    The fact that my children will love them as much as I did as a child! The colour and music is brilliant!

  57. Maria Wilkins Reply

    they’re colourful little characters with amazing personalities

  58. Like so many things, what’s old is new again and these guys look pretty cool.

  59. Ashleigh Jade Reply

    I love the vibrancy of the trailer. I’m excited to see it!

  60. Maria Coito-Correia Reply

    I remember having them as a kid and love to see the movie they made of them and to let my son enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the toys when I was little .

  61. AustMummyLisa Reply

    I love that the Troll leader Poppy is super fantastic and bright!
    I love that just seeing her brings my children delight!
    They love her energy, bubbly personality, her love of glitter and sparkles galore!
    But if I’m being honest- it’s probably that crazy bright Troll hair that they love more!
    Perfect for styling, playing with and having fun-
    I know Santa is bringing Troll goods- so it’d be perfect if movie tickets we won!

  62. We love their spirit,
    they are so full of joy!
    And I love their hair,
    they were my favourite toy. 🙂

  63. Georgie Mason Reply

    I love Trolls bright colourful hair that stands straight up on top of their heads, and matches their happy funny personalities!

  64. Just the words Trolls evoke happy memories of playing with my collection of #ugly, but so adorable Troll dolls <3

  65. they are colourful and special with crazy hair dos, they make us all smile and give us heartfilled joy too 🙂

  66. They remind me of the troll my sister had that reminded me of her!

  67. Trolls!! My childhood, wrapped in one word. I can’t wait to introduce my girls to the wonderful world of trolls

  68. Fotini Christmass Reply

    Trolls was my ultimate collection joy. I still have them and my daughter plays with them now.

  69. Nicole Woods Reply

    Their crazy hair gets me every time! I still have a collection of Trolls from when I was a kid. A friend even brought me one home from Singapore because she knew how obsessed I was with them! It was a punk rocker Troll wearing black leather and sporting a rainbow coloured mohawk. So cool!

  70. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    I love the vibrancy and fun of the movie.But also love the story of Poppy and Branch who are opposites of each other working together to save their friends.

  71. My kids absolutely love trolls! They still have the little dolls that I had many years ago

  72. Oh I just love their all round beautiful positive personalities! And an hourly hug… too cute!! We need more trolls like this in the world and less ‘other trolls’.

  73. Darren Robert Thrower Reply

    it’s light hearted fun, great entertainment for all ages, and these trolls are a lot less scary looking then the trolls I had as a kid.

  74. Jackie Diamond Reply

    Can’t wait to take my little girl to the movies for the first time to see this!

  75. Alysia Monnery Reply

    Sharing the nostalgia of my own childhood with my two girls!

  76. Jacqui Gerrard Reply

    Love the happiness the trolls bring! … and the cool hair… don’t forget the hair 🙂

  77. I remember having Trolls when I was in primary school some 25 yrs ago. I still have the very first one I got all those years ago. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  78. I loved Trolls back in the 80’s/90’s and would play with them for hours! So excited to see them come back revamped!!!

  79. Eleni Fagan Reply

    Love the attitude/personalities and of course the hair 🙂

  80. I love Trolls, I had them as a child and I love the hair, I love the personalities and the love. I really want to take my husband and his kids to see this. Particularly since the mother of his youngest daughter has recently moved country to pursue a guy and she is struggling to find happiness. I would love this to be our first movie together as a family (we got married in July)

  81. Renee Graham Reply

    My daughter loves the trolls. I grew up with them too. Sadly, I won’t be able to take her to the movies to see it, as hubby has just lost his job, and I’m on unpaid maternity leave. Winning tickets to the trolls movie would make Xmas for miss 8!

  82. Shannon Wotton Reply

    What we love most about the Trolls is the hair! So bright and colourful and sticking up in the air!

  83. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I love the joy they brought me in my younger years,
    the wacky hair I used to model in different shapes,
    the personalities I made for them according to their hair colour,
    they are a timeless toy.

  84. Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    The gorgeous rainbow hair – got given one on my very first date as a 16 year old and still love them.

  85. Kristie Corr Reply

    Memories of my childhood… we used to save our pocket money to buy trolls when we were kids. Now my kids love them… wish I’d kept my old ones… I love the message the movie is is about.

  86. Andrea Roberts Reply

    My 4yo daughter is already obsessed with the Trolls and knows all their names, she can’t wait to see the movie! She thinks it’s quite funny that I liked trolls as a girl (she’s seen a few of my old “vintage” ones)

  87. I loved trolls when I was little and my can’t wait to see this fun-filled movie with my daughter to share special times together!

  88. Lara Daebritz Reply

    I love Trolls because it means my Christmas shopping was completed in an hour…six nieces under 9 years simply meant 6xTroll dolls (all identical so no arguments) and 6 x Troll wigs. Gifts wrapped and already under the tree! I love Trolls!

  89. I love Trolls because of glitter, of course! And they’re a lot cuter than last time, and I can’t get the songs out of my head!

  90. I love the colours, the attitude, the hair, the inner troll in me just adores them!

  91. Lynette Saunders Reply

    I used to have trolls as a kid and it’s great to see they’ve made a movie of them! Can’t wait to see it! It looks like a lot of laughs and fun is in store!

  92. The Dreamworks Trolls are innovative little fellows with bold colours, quirky voices and fantastic hair! They turns my smile into a giggle just like meeting an old friend!

  93. Julie Hodsman Reply

    The Trolls look so wonderfully colourful and like they have heaps of fun. Can’t wait to take the kids.

  94. Nothing is more important than teaching children ‘mindfulness’. I feel that The Trolls movie would be perfect for me to continue discussing this with my 5 year old, in a fun way. Plus I can’t wait to bop along to the music!!

  95. They’re bright and colourful. Perfect for kids and the soundtrack is perfect for mum

  96. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Found It Day 6 . Thank you. It is a wonderful movie this holiday season. My two children would get excited for this Trolls .

  97. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Definately their Hair, I’m rockinng a purple mowhawk at the moment. I just wich I had the same happy up beat attitude as them

  98. Can’t go past their hair! I still have Trolls dolls from when I was a kid!

  99. Adele Smith Reply

    I love their zest, Their happy hearts, Their bright and cheery natures and of course the singing parts.

  100. I love the music, the colourful and individual looks of the Trolls and that it reminds me of when I owned one as a kid.

  101. Donna Trickey Reply

    I just love the daily life lessons that can be taught without the kids realising.

  102. Malini Marimuthu Reply

    I am a big trolls fan sing I was small. Love to collect the mini trolls when I was young. I love their colorful hair and personality. They brighten up anyone who sees them.

  103. Tabatha Marie Robinson Reply

    Big Big funny hair. (told to mum by four year old girl)

  104. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I love Poppy’s zest for life and that she’s always positive in a bad situation.

  105. amandagorton Reply

    Using my imagination to take them on my own wild and wonderful adventures

  106. I love having them on a pencil that you spin between your hands and the hair spreads out wide. Then you can style it to how you want.

  107. Vi-Lisa Jane Creagh Reply

    miss 7 would absolutely love some Trolls fun, she loves the blue trolls that farts glitter

  108. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    I loved Trolls when I was young and now my daughter is loving them just as much

  109. Amy Turnbull Reply

    Fuzzy wuzzy little creatures! Loved them as a child myself. To see them come to life again is great!!! Get to show my kids what i loved as a child.

  110. Andieharrie Reply

    Growing up with these crazy haired trolls
    was fun and now my kids get to play with the ‘dolls’
    cant wait to see the movie
    it will be groovy

  111. The memories it stirs. I loved my trolls as a kid. I hope my kids love them as much as we did!

  112. Toni Toni Tuccia-Rowland Reply

    Trolls are gorgeous, colourlful & happy. They brighten my day.

  113. I use to collect them growing up. LOVED THEM! They were so ugly cute. My favourite was my astronaut troll.

  114. Bec Warren Reply

    a feel good movie, with a positive message, lots of colour, and beautiful music!
    What’s not to love!

  115. Eva Kiraly Reply

    Trolls are so cute and I love their hair, I wish mine would stand up mid air!

  116. shelbyward Reply

    Trolls have lasted through the ages and are here to stay – no wonder – they are soooo cute!

  117. Alison OGorman Reply

    Trolls innocent tribal joy and love community and happiness we have a lot to learn from these adorable creatures

  118. Laura Scriven Reply

    The positivity they bring,
    The happy tunes they sing.
    The dress up fun,
    They’re number one!

  119. The Trolls are so positive in everything that they do. If only we could be more like that!

  120. Jon Donovan Reply

    Love that they are always cheerful and have a positive outlook on the world

  121. Dioh Paguia Reply

    They are happy creatures and reminds me of my childhood. Now thAt I have a child She also enjoys seeing Trolls colorful hair and big smiles.

  122. Heather Hopley Reply

    Vivid colours and wild hair speak of fun and say “hold me”.

  123. Julia Morton Reply

    their pop of colour always uplifts me when i see them,and my daughter loves them and platting their hair

  124. Leonnie Rainsford Reply

    love the fact they have been modernised and ready for the next generation.

  125. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    It seems like a real feel good movie, something in the movie the whole family can enjoy.. even Daddy who always falls asleep.

  126. Beautiful and colourful creatures that bring so much joy in both adult and kids life. Love their happy go lucky nature.

  127. Cayce Beasley Reply

    I love the nostalgia they provide! they were one of my favourite toys as a child, and now im hoping theyll be the same for the next generation!

  128. I’m yet to see the movie but from the trailer and ALL the magnificent things I’ve heard it sounds like Trolls spread a very positive message which is so fabulous in this world

  129. Rebecca Foster Reply

    I have not seen the movie but I am planning to see it with my grand daughters. Thank you for the chance.

  130. I love the fact that I can enjoy this lovely film with my children, giggle along with them and that it’s all wonderful, innocent fun with a great message.

  131. The Trolls believe in positivity, happiness, forgiveness & inclusion…no troll left behind! Thats the values I would like to teach

  132. Dianne Childs Reply

    It’s all about the hair! Such gravity-defying volume. I’m jealous!

  133. Cathie Mills Reply

    Love that they are so colourful, they were one of my favourite toys as a child and now I get to share their colourfulness with my kids.

  134. Peta Masih Reply

    I’d like to think of myself as a little like these Trolls…I love lots of colour, singing, music and just trying to find the joy in every moment!!!

  135. Bright, colourful and hours of fun. Just like when I was a kid but now my daughter gets to enjoy them to.

  136. Chrissie Dattilo Reply

    They bring back memories from when i was little & now my daughter loves them. There so bright and cheerful.

  137. Toni Dally Reply

    They are so bright and happy and were so fun to play with when I was a kid!

  138. I had trolls when I was a kid and was telling my kids about it when I heard a movie was coming out. I’d love to take them so see the magic of trolls.

  139. Trolls are awesome and I’m so glad they are bringing them back because I loved them back when I was a kid.

  140. Kat Anderson Reply

    They are so cute!! Wish I still had all of my old trolls for my daughter!

  141. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I loved the trolls growing up, awesome that they made a come back, they are just fun, and have a can do attitude which is great

  142. Cat helbig Reply

    I loved trolls growing up so it brings back so many memories and whats even better is i can now share those memories with my son

  143. Colourful, cheerful, optimistic and happy – how I want my children to be!

  144. Pauline Dean Reply

    I love seeing my son singing and dancing around the house to the trolls soundtrack and bringing back memories of my childhood.

  145. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love the beautiful colors they come in and they’re so much fun!

  146. Trolls is bright and colourfull and great for little imaginations.

  147. domandlauren Reply

    My sister and I had a vhs called the trollies and the trolls covered hits like kokomo by the Beach Boys and it is just so ridiculous and hilarious and I love it! (watch it on youtube you wont regret it) I cant wait to see this new movie!

  148. What is there not to love… They make a bad hair, boxer`s noses, Prince Charles`s ears, Brook Shields`s eyebrows and short stubby legs and arms look positively stuning. Combine that with bright colors and even more colourful personalities and you have a winner.

  149. I love that they have made a comeback! Trolls were my favourite toy as a kid

  150. Cassidy Logue Reply

    I loved them as a kid and kept my collection for my kids. Now my four kids and I are so excited and thrilled to watch the movie and discover the new Generation of Trolls. Sure to be our newest family favourite.

  151. I loved trolls when I was a kid and so glad I kept a couple for my kids to play with. Miss 4 loves the colours of their long hair

  152. Alicia Cathrene Kimberley Reply

    Everything reminds me of my childhood tills addiction!

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