Single And Ready To Mingle? First Dates Australia is Casting for Season 3!

Do you enjoy meals served hot on a table that features not only a tablecloth but a complete lack of any form of sippy cup?

Conversation that doesn’t revolve around Peppa/Holly/La La Loopsy? Food not in bite size, fish finger form?

If so, then this might be just for you’re looking for!

Channel 7 and First Dates Australia is looking for. The ‘romance reality show’ is currently casting for season 3 and on the hunt for eligible contenders who are quite happy to be filmed in what is commonly known as one of the top 3 most awkward encounters one can have in life; the blind date with a stranger.

single and ready to mingle

We personally think that all the single mummas (and dads for that matter!) out there have a leg up (pun not intended) on the competition. Here’s 4 reasons why:

1. You’re already well versed in dealing with irrational lunatics…

Lets not beat around the bush. Reality TV can bring out some … well, interesting characters. But whatever. You deal with one (or more) of them on a daily basis. They’re otherwise referred to as your children and it’s not unusual for them to act like complete and utter crazies for a good 12 hours a day. Mr Nice Guy one minute versus The Bad Boy the next has got nothing on ‘Mr ‘I want crusts on my toast BUT they can’t be made of bread’ 2-year old.

2. You’re made of sterner stuff…

When you say the word ‘No’ approximately 56,780 times a day, you become pretty good at being assertive in the face of pressure. This skill comes in highly useful on a blind date when the ‘datee’, who makes your 7-year old seem eloquent, suggests dessert after three agonising courses of dinner and stilted conversation.

3. Awkward moments do not phase you…

Having a camera zoom in during your first meeting with a potential suitor, just as eyes are starting to lock and conversation is flowing towards something actually enjoyable, could be really awkward for some. Not you. When you’ve had to clean toddler poo off public play equipment in the middle of a crowded shopping centre, on a rainy day, with the serviette from your bag of banana bread, you become unflappable.

Bring it on Channel 7 camera man.

4. You’ll give most things a go for the chance to get out of the house after 7pm!

There’s not much sweeter than an invitation to leave the house, on your own, after ABC2 has bid Hoot and co adieu for the evening. It’s the sacred hour when actual adults, the majority of whom do not have kids, leave their nests in search of a good time.

When you’re a parent, you’ll take that good time where and when it comes. And if someone else is paying, so much the better. Why let a stranger and numerous cameras focused entirely on you get in the way?

For more details on how to apply, visit First Dates Australia for all the information. Got a single friend? Get them on board by sharing this with them … subtle but could be the best thing you’ve done all week!

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