The Grossest 5 Things Mums Share Online (and shouldn’t!)

Since the advent of social media we’ve found ourselves living boldly in the public eye. Our photos no longer hide in dusty albums on the bookshelf and the culture of over-share has hit an all time high!

The truth however is there are some things that should remain private whether it’s in the spirit of good taste, child protection or gag-inducing grossness. Here’s a round up of five of the Mum photos we should stop sharing on social media…

Poo explosions (and any other bodily functions)!
Yep. We get it. Your adorable little bundle of joy has mustard coloured tar up their back and out the neck of the romper. Looks like you may even need a has-mat suit to clean it up. We’ve all been there, seen that with our own kids. Do I want to see yours? Absolutely not.

Also added to this category are:

  • Children who have wet their pants
  • Projectile vomits and gastro bug images
  • Children sat on the potty (do you want a photo of YOU doing number-two on the web Yep, your kid probably doesn’t either!)
  • Any masterpieces of poo-smearing / painting by toddlers

Photos of your child on the way to hospital
It’s clearly dramatic to see a picture of a child in the emergency department, in an ambulance, on a stretcher going into surgery or being taken for any kind of extreme medical treatment. If the illness or accident warrants an ambulance or surgery perhaps its time to put your phone down and be present in the moment Mum. Sure it makes for attention grabbing social media content but God forbid something terrible is about to happen, do you really want to be looking at your screen?

Pics of your kids naked or semi-undressed
Everyone adores a pic of a nudey-rudey. Chubby thighs and little pink bottoms are cuteness level 11! The issue with posting these kinds of pictures online is actually three-fold. Firstly, you’re creating an online footprint for a child that could follow them their whole life. That naked picture could go with them to school – or a job interview in 20 years! Secondly, it’s against many online platforms’ rules to have nudity of any kind – don’t risk being reported and your account shut down. Lastly, and most importantly, there’s a whole world of weirdos out there. Don’t risk your precious little person’s image falling into the wrong hands

9,000 pictures of your child!
Let’s face it; everyone thinks their own child is adorable! Me too! But do I want to see 7146 pictures of your child? Not really. There’s a reason for this and it’s not sour grapes. Firstly, I’m happy to see your gorgeous bubba and to see how happy you are as a parent. The problem is that recent studies have shown two interesting things. Chronic over-sharers of images on social media are more prone to depression as it can be a way of seeking validation. There’s a study proving this and it’s referenced at the bottom if you want to know more. And secondly, sometimes a multitude of photos can open you up to unwanted judgement of your parenting. The Internet can be a nasty place and hence it’s best when used in moderation!

Your Vagina!
If you had to look twice, yes you read this correctly! The last thing you do not need to put online Mum? Your birth photos and hoo-ha! Heck, we’re all glad you had a wonderful, empowering birth and your other half (or a professional photographer) went down the business end to record the moment in all its spread-open glory but do I want to scroll past that while I eat my ham sandwich? No I don’t. And I’ll bet neither does your boss, mechanic or best friend’s brother. Your vagina has no place on my computer. Please.

When it comes to social media we’ve all had moments of posting insanity, hopefully this quick guide will serve as a friendly reminder of what’s safe, suitable and down-right yuck when it comes to parenting and photos! Continue documenting every precious moment Mum; just think twice before you hit that upload button! If you can’t help but share, share, share be mindful of your privacy settings – keep your account locked down for the eyes of your nearest and dearest only! But remember, all it takes is one share, and your control over that image has already slipped beyond your reach.

What’s your pet peeve or grossest photo you’ve seen a parent share online?

Reference: Schoppe-Sullivan S, Yavorsky J, Bartholomew M, Sullivan J, Lee M, Kamp Dush C. Doing Gender Online: New Mothers’ Psychological Characteristics, Facebook Use, and Depressive Symptoms. Sex Roles. 2016.

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