The World’s First CHAMPAGNE POPSICLE is Coming to Australia This Year!

Just when we thought life was complete (because the Bachelorette final is almost upon us) we discovered that this summer Australia is getting some big, big, news…


We doubt you’ll need telling twice fellow Mums but this is a #gamechanger on so many levels. Here is what you need to know about what is sure to be Summer 2017’s #musthave product…

English company POPS have confirmed they will launch in December 2016 in Melbourne. If that’s not reason for a road trip down south we don’t know what is.

pops-poparazzi-champagne-popsicles-cartonsWith three launch flavours including Classic Champagne, Prosecco and Peach Bellini and a limited edition Moscow Mule the hardest part will be choosing your poison. POPS also make non-alcoholic flavours ‘for the whole family’ but, seriously, who cares right?

POPS’ pièce de résistance is the “Classic” the first of it’s kind in the world and sure to be a much sought after product for parties, beach and the dinner-bathtime-bedtime routines on hot nights in 2017.

pops-champagne-popsicles-poparazziFor those that are calorie counters, the Classic contains the equivalent of half a glass of champagne and only 38 calories, good news as that means you can have twice as many as you could ordinarily drink and fit them easily into your tracking on My Fitness Pal. #win
Take action now! The most important things to do between now and December 2016 Mums in preparation are the following:

  • Begin to run down your freezer
  • Tell your children chicken nuggets have been discontinued, these take up far too much valuable space that could otherwise be occupied by POPS
  • Stop all meal planning, bulk cooking and meal freezing. You do not have room for frozen meals any more
  • Begin searching Gumtree for a chest freezer for your bedroom garage

From the team at Mum Central to you at home we wish you a long, hot and champagne popsicle-filled summer. (POPS will initially be sold at festivals, pop up stores and events in Melbourne with a national roll out to follow later in 2017.

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