How to Create and Grow Your Own Herb Garden

We’ve all had the same thought – everytime you pay for overpriced bunches of herbs at the supermarket you’re thinking, I could just grow these myself! Think of all the money I’d save! Well, a little less talk a little more action. We’ll show you how to build and grow your own herb garden at home. It’s easy!

Pick your herbs wisely
You may already have an idea of which herbs you want to use, but you should take into consideration which herbs do well in shade and in sunlight. Where is your herb garden going to be? Are you after potted plants perched on a window sill in your kitchen at easy reach, or a full and flourishing garden sprouting from soil in your backyard?
Herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano do well in the shade as well as the sun. Parsley and coriander thrive well in the shade.

How to start a herb garden for beginners
Step 1:
Make sure the area gets at least 4 hours of sun a day.

Step 2:
Plant the herbs. You’ll need to allow the following amount of space for each plant. As a general guide: 3-4 feet – Rosemary, Sage, Mints, Oregano, Marjoram, 2 feet – Basils, Thyme, Tarragon, Savory, 1 foot – Cilantro, Chives, Dill, Parsley. (Plan this out in advance)

Step 3:
Prepare the soil. Dig with a large garden fork to loosen the soil allowing proper drainage for the roots to recieve water. Add compost to the soil, about an inch or so on top and then mixing it into the soil- this helps prevent drainage problems and adds fertilizer to the garden. Consult with your local plant seller if you need more guidance.

Step 4:
Plant healthy plants that are already grown. Water them when the water a few inches below the surface is dry to touch. Check the soil often as this will vary according to different seasons in the year. Make sure not to over water!

Step 5: To remove for use, cut of the branches when the plant reaches about 6 inches of height. Cut close to the leaf intersection to make the plant conducive to good regrowth. Make sure the plant is strong and healthy when you prune.

Let us know what you end up planting! Having a herb garden is the best gift to yourself that just keeps giving and giving!

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