35 Fabulous Finger Foods for Babies and Toddlers

Fine tune that pincer grip and give it a workout with this list of finger foods for babies and toddlers!

From fruit to meat and all things in between, here’s a list of ideas on what you can feed your little one once they make the leap into solid foods and can sit unaided.

It goes without saying, no baby should ever be left alone while eating and exercise common sense – don’t feed baby hard, raw foods which can potentially break off and become choking hazards. Soft and pliable textures is key in a successful feeding game.

Bib at the ready, hands clean, let’s go!

Breads and cereals

1. Home-made teething rusks

2. Toast with Vegemite

3. Pikelets

4. Finger sandwiches (crusts removed)

5. Plain cooked pasta spirals

pikelets, plate - finger foods for babies and toddlers

Finger Fruits

6. Strawberries, ripe and sliced

7. Blueberries, soft and squashed

8. Raspberries, soft, halved and squashed

9. Apple slices. cooked

10. Banana slices

11. Peach slices

12. Pear slices

13. Nectarine slices

bread, fruit, snack

14. Kiwi Fruit slices

15. Papaya slices

16. Dried apple rings

17. Sultanas (toddlers)

18. Raisins (toddlers)

19. Mango slices

20. Avocado


Yummy Veggies

21. Green Peas, cooked

22. Pumpkin, baked

23. Carrot sticks, cooked soft

24. Potato, cooked soft

25. Cauliflower florets, steamed and soft

26. Broccoli florets, steamed and soft

27. Corn Kernels, cooked

28. Zucchini sticks, steamed

29. Green beans, cooked

peas, carrot, corn, food, plate, fork


Dairy and Protein

30. Cheese sticks

31. Grated cheese

32. Egg (sliced omelette)

33. Fish, free of bones, cooked and cut into fingers

34. Cooked chicken meat, shredded or diced

35. Cooked tender beef or lamb, shredded

grated cheese


Do note it’s important to cast your own taste preferences aside when introducing solid foods. Expose your bub to a variety of tastes – sweet, savoury, bitter and bland to reduce the chance of becoming a future picky eater. You might be surprised by what delicious titbit your tot requests more of!

Once they’re ready to try new tastes, try dishing up these yum potato pancakes.

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