How to Save a Choking Baby

If you’ve ever had an experience with a choking baby it’s the most terrifying, panic-inducing moments of your life.

Watching this short ‘n sweet video could change a pivotal moment from desperate hopelessness to informed action. Yep, this is a video you can’t afford not to watch! Share with your mother-in-law, share with your child’s carers, share with your bestie and share with your mothers group. We guarantee that one of the people that you show it to will thank you in the year to come. That’s because choking is the number one cause of injury and death in children under four. The culprits mainly being toys, coins and food. In America (there is no current Aussie stats) a child dies on average every four days in hospital from choking.

Here’s what we ALL need to know right now to ensure if choking happens, we know how to handle it! 

This clever little education film is the work of St. John’s Ambulance Service UK and it was their mission to show parents what to do in the event their child starts choking. The 40 second mini movie is titled “The Chokeables” and features several British actors giving voice to animated objects that commonly cause choking in children, to show that how quickly you react to clear your child’s airways makes all the difference.

The video was inspired by St Johns Ambulance when their research discovered that over 40% of parents have witnessed their own baby choke. However when quizzed on the correct method of first aid almost four-fifths didn’t know what to do in the situation! Make sure everyone who is responsible for your little person knows exactly what to do! This is truly a matter of life and death!

If you’re keen to minimise choking hazards in the home we would encourage you to also read up on managing Button Batteries and their potential problems.

We hope you’ll never need this knowledge but when it comes to the safety of our precious children it’s always a matter of better safe than sorry. Please watch!

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