5 Grab and Go Lunch Salad Jars For Time Poor Parents

With just a teeny bit of prep time, you can totally take the hassle out of making your own lunch every day with grab and go salad jars!

We’ve all seen those smug people on Instagram with their #mealprepSunday pics, but if we stop scrolling past so darn quickly, we might actually realise these people are on to something.

Organisation is key here, folks. Half an hour of prep means you don’t have to think about lunch for quite a few days. It’s all there in the fridge for the taking with salad jars.

The general gist of salad jar lunches is to create a complete salad in a jar. Go figure. Wet ingredients like dressings go on the bottom and simply work your way up. When it rolls around to lunch time, just upend its contents into a bowl and as if by MAGIC, you have a delicious salad lunch with all layers of salad falling into perfectly tossed place. I know right, SMUG.

Without further ado, go find yourself a few 500ml screw top jars (I have these cheapies from Kmart) and let’s get started.

1. Prawn Sushi Salad Jar

salad jar

Just the ticket for a lunch packing all the flavours of a sushi roll without any HIDEOUS rolling. The Girl On Bloor shows us just how easy it REALLY is! Being prawns, it’s best eaten fresh.

2. Mexican Taco Salad Jar

taco salad jar

This could be the perfect solution to all those fiddly bits left over from Taco Tuesday, thanks for the heads up Pocket Change Gourmet.

3. Chicken Cob Salad Jar

chicken salad jar

Lashings of ranch dressing, you can keep it clean like A Sweet Pea Chef or make it mean with your favourite tasty add-ins of croutons and crispy bacon.

4. Thai Beef Noodle Salad Jar

thai beef noodle salad jar

I mean c’mon. As if there’s even a choice between eating the kids’ sandwich crusts or whipping one of these out of the fridge. Jump on over to Brit + Co for the super easy how-to recipe.

5. Refreshing Fruit Salad Jar

mum central

Salad jars even work for those with a sweet tooth. Check out our own Mum’s Pantry fruit salad in a jar recipe – fantastic for breakfast, after school, post sports training – ANY time.

If you have some awesome salad jar combos of your own, please do leave us a comment and share them!

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