Keeping perishable foods in the fridge is such a deeply ingrained habit for so many households, but contrary to popular belief, some foods are optimal when kept at room temperature – out of the fridge.

Storing certain foods at lower temperatures can negatively affect the texture, intensity of flavour, and allow them to spoil more quickly. Keep these tips in mind the next time you do your big grocery shop. You won’t believe the fridge space you’ll save too!


1.  Honey

Storing honey in the fridge can cause it to crystalize prematurely, making it harder to use. Freezing honey to keep is okay.


2.  Bread

When stored in the refrigerator, bread can dry out and become stale must quicker than at room temperature. Freezing bread for longer-term storage is fine.


3.  Potatoes

Storing potatoes at lower temperatures runs the risk of the starch breaking down, creating a gritty taste when cooked.


4.  Avocados

If you’re waiting for your avocados to ripen, don’t refrigerate them. This means they will take days and days to soften. Only refrigerate them if they are over ripe and you are not ready to eat them yet.



5.  Oranges

Oranges are best kept outside of the fridge as they can risk becoming bitter are low temperatures.


6.  Bananas

Bananas are best kept with the bunch that they were attached to. In the cold temperatures of the fridge, they can darken.


7.  Basil

Basil retains its flavour and odour best kept in a cool dry environment.



8.  Garlic

Garlic is best stored in the pantry, and can be kept for up to 2 months. Loosen the garlic bulbs before storing, to air them out.



9.  Eggs

While eggs can last longer when kept in the fridge, if you store them in the door where most refrigerators often have holders, the eggs will be constantly exposed to varying temperatures of opening and closing the refrigerator. For cooking and especially baking, room temperature eggs are best – that’s why it is better to keep them at room temperature.


10.  Tomatoes

Storing tomatoes in the fridge may cause them to lose their flavour and plumpness, creating a sandy texture.


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  1. I heard about not keeping tomatoes in the fridge just this week from a local fruit and veg grower/seller – apparently it destroys something like 13 compounds related to the flavour of them!

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