The Insider’s Tips on How to Take Great Instagram Food Photos

We’ve all seen it before. Someone in your feed has gone and hashtagged #foodporn even though their dish looks like a dog’s breakfast. Don’t be that person!

Here’s a few tips on how to take great Instagram food photos to trick your friends and followers into thinking you’re a bonefide food photo genius.

1.  Look natural light

Natural light! It’s literally god’s gift. Going out for breakfast? Sit outside. Out for a nice brunch? Get that table by the window. iPhone cameras are pretty good these days, but they can’t capture light that isn’t there. Make sure your food is well lit- no one likes a grainy picture of a burger that looks like it’s been taken in the back alley.


2.  Ditch the flash!

On that note – don’t think a lack of light means you can whip out the flash. Not only are you probably just going to end up embarrassed at how bright it is when other diners look at you and pull away last second, resulting in a blurry, misshapen food blob, it very rarely actually makes your food look better. No one wants to see your deer-in-headlights shot of a shiny panna cotta. Put the flash away.


3.  Give it the bird’s eye

Come at that salmon eggs benny and coffee from above! Get the fancy cutlery involved! That fancy surplus you’re paying for your eggs for is for a reason – décor. Don’t let it go to waste and add some interest by capturing it all from the top.


4.  Edit, Edit, Edit

The wonderful thing about living in the digital world is that if you didn’t get it right to begin with, you can (artificially) mimic light, colour, contrast, sharpness. Within reason, of course. If your photo is lacking a little bit of oomph, get on some photo editing apps like Afterlight, VSCO cam, even Instagram itself has got a few options for you to toggle around with.


5.  Quality over quantity

The bottom line is, not every photo is meant to be shared – if you want your Instagram feed to shine, a shot that is lacking isn’t necessary. Use it as a place to put your best shots!

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