If you’re one of those avid cheese lovers out there you will have already heard about Raclette. 

Raclette is an old traditional french meal where melted cheese is eaten on boiled or roasted potatoes with pickled onions or gherkins.

It’s pretty much the most delicious and amazing thing ever. ‘Raclette’ refers to the action of scraping, and these days a raclette meal is made by scraping the melted layer of cheese from a large wheel heated by a raclette grill, onto a dish.

Recently, Raclette NYC, a restaurant in New York has brought this good old dish back, having the whole internet freaking out at the thought of silky, creamy, gooey melted cheese on potatoes, charcuterie, salads and more. They even offer a range of different delicious sounding cheeses, so you can choose the kind of heaven you want oozing all over your food. We have no more words. Watch the video to see that cheesy goodness in action.



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