This is Why You Should Think Twice Before Slurping a Slushie

Next time you reach for that ice filled syrupy slushie this summer, spare a thought for your health (and your dentist).

Studies reveal you could be about gulp down more than TWENTY teaspoons of sugar in a single cup!

It’s an easy trap to fall in to. Kids love slushies, they’re super cold and they’re usually cheap as chips to buy. Or cheaper than chips, with just a $1 price tag at some retailers. Where’s the harm? It’s just ice, right? Wrong. Oh SO WRONG.

Don’t be sucked in

The Don’t Be Sucked In campaign from LiveLighter is showing us exactly what the slushie cup contains. And that, friends, is a whole whack of sugar that can add toxic fat to our bodies and potentially lead to to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Slushie sugar warning

When we drink these drinks – or hand them to our children – we’re effectively handing them 18 to 30 teaspoons (up to 120g!) of icy cold sugar, depending on the cup size (regular or large).

That’s punching way above the daily World Health Organisation recommendation of six teaspoons (or 5% of daily energy intake) for adults.

Sugar drinks warning

Next time a cold icy treat is in order, think twice about that slushie. Your doctor, dentist and body will thank you. Plus, it’s EASY to avoid excess sugar, weight gain, cavities, sugar highs and crashes (OH THE CRASHES) by drinking water.

Pop that $1 in a jar instead and before you’ll know it, you’ll have enough to treat yourself something you REALLY want. Like a family holiday, a whizz-bang kitchen appliance or a massage!

And if the craving for an icy treat won’t go away, go the natural slushie route by throwing ice cubes and frozen fruit (we like watermelon) with a splash of water in the blender. A quick whizz and you have yourself a delicious slushie, free of refined sugar!

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