The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers Around, These Funny Coffee Mugs Will Have You in Stitches!

It’s not even 6 am, your toddler is peacefully sleeping (for the next 15 minutes at least) and you grab for your coffee cup. It’s clean and gets the job done. But it’s also oh-so-plain.

Why not start your day with a funny little saying, humour-infused quote or a gasp and a giggle? These awesome Etsy finds are cool, crafty and even a little bit outrageous.

  1. Hey pretty lady. Pretty Twisted Vinyl’s coffee cup creation motivates in quite the straightforward way – minus the cheese factor. you're fucking beautiful motivating funny coffee mug - quote mug best friend gift for her - customized mature adult inappropriate humor cup
  2. Not morning ready, yet. The cup’s filled to the brim. That means mummy’s not ready to discuss who’s on drop-off duty and where the lunchboxes are. The Tiny One’s Shh coffee mug makes coffee drinking comical with its “now you may speak” measuring cup.
    Funny Coffee Mug - Shh Coffee Mug, Coffee Lover, Shh Almost Now You May Speak, Large Mug
  3. What’s inside? Is it coffee? Really? Maybe, but maybe not. Joyful Moose’s “There’s a chance this is whiskey” mug says it all. Funny Coffee Mug - Funny Whiskey Gift - Funny Saying Coffee Mug
  4. Wine where? If whiskey isn’t your cup of tea, Madeline Home Decor’s mug may be a must-have.
    There's a chance this is wine, Coffee mug, Tea mug, Coffee cup, Mugs, Humor, Funny, Cute, Hand lettered fonts, Black, MC27
  5. For the literati. 1 Mean Mug’s perfect play on words is exactly the morning pick me up that any academic needs.
    Poe Me A Cup Edgar Allan Poe Funny Coffee Mug- 11 oz Poe Coffee Mug Halloween Gift
  6. Foxy figure. Fox or – well, you get it — on Oh Hello Sugar Gift’s marvellous mug.
    Funny Coffee Mug - For Fox Sake Mug - Ceramic Mug
  7. Mummy gift. Looking for a giggling little gift for mum (or dad)? J and A Wares has one that’s sweet, savvy and sarcastic. Funny Coffee Mug, Favorite Child, Ceramic Coffee Mug, Quote Mug, Funny Mug, Mug Funny, Unique Coffee Mug, Gift for Mom, Gift for Dad
  8. Picture Perfect. Cuddle Cupcakes uses adorable little pics to give a not-so-adorable little message.
    I Donut Give a Crap / I Donut Give a S**t / Donut Care about the Calories / Donut mug / Donut emoji mug / poop emoji mug / funny coffee mug
  9. Too true. JC Dezigns couldn’t have said it better with this one.
    If It Requires Pants or a Bra Its Not Happening Today Funny Coffee Mug- Humor - Funny Coffee Mug - Quote- Dishwasher Safe
  10. Whale watching. Blue Fox’s watery whale sums it up for most of us (or at least those of us who might like a few more hours of kid-free sleep). Cute Coffee Mug,Funny mug,Mornings Blow,Morning Coffee, Whale mug, I hate mornings mug,Coffee Cup,Not a Morning person,Mug, MUG-286
  11. The hashtag has it. Bee Doodle Creation’s #ownit mug gives sweet inspiration for the rest of the day.
    Coffee Mug with Saying, Funny Mug, Cute Coffee Mug, Unique Coffee Mug, Custom Coffee Mug
  12. Great grammar. Your – you’re? Amourable Art’s crafty creation is ideal for the well-spoken person in your life.
    Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Typography Mug, Grammar Mug, Funny Unique Coffee Mug, 11oz or 15oz Watercolor Art Print Mug Gift, Anniversary Gift
  13. Science centered. Serve up a cup of coffee with Humerus Ware’s periodic table-inspired mug.
    Periodic Table mug - funny coffee mug - science mug - unique mens gift - unique coffee mugs - coffee lover gift - gift for him - cute mug
  14. Not so grown-up. When you just can’t – or just can’t today.
    Funny Mug - Ceramic Mug with Quote - Funny Coffee Mug Gift - funny coffee cup - Can't Adult Mug
  15. Just ok. Not thrilled? Not fantastic? This mug is more of a, “meh.”
    Funny Coffee Mug - Funny Mug - Ceramic Mug - funny coffee cup
  16. Not coffee. Knot Work Shop’s tea mug makes a ‘punny’ play on the old saying.
    Funny Mug, my cup of tea, tea cup, diner mug, black white, hand painted, morning, mine, english tea, British, sweet tea
  17. No Pilates please. Who hasn’t thought this before? Hinzpirations’ mug says what most of us are probably feeling first thing in the morning. Funny Coffee Mug - Pilates? I Thought You Said Pie and Lattes - Hand Painted Coffee Mug - Pilates - Mug - Personalized Mug - Custom Gift
  18. Britney baby. Shop Four Arrows lets you know if Britney could do it, so can you.
    Coffee Mug, If Britney Spears Survived 2007 You Can Make it Through Today, Celebrity Mug, Gag Gift, Funny Mug, Ceramic Mug
  19. Yoga you. Yoga, this early? Not on this mug!
    mum central
  20. Day drinker. Yours Truly Emb ‘keeps things professional’ with this comical cup.
    mum central

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