Who’s up for a steak sanga this weekend? The first ever National Steak Sandwich Day is this Saturday, May 12. Huzzah, bring on the caramelised onion, sauce and mayonnaise!

Possibly one of the most underrated yet most love café sandwiches, the classic steak sambo deserves more love and a most definitely a day of national recognition.

Aussie Beef asked celebrity chefs Curtis Stone, Jess Pryles, Jack Stein and Dominique Rizzoto each create a signature steak sandwich. Come see what they dished up and get the recipe of your favourite sanga to try at home.

1. Curtis Stone’s caramelised onion and cheddar steak sandwich

A man after my own cheese loving heart, Curtis nails the onion to cheese ratio.

steak sandwich

2. Jess Pryles’ beetroot and horseradish steak sandwich

From Jess Pryles, beetroot is ALWAYS a welcome inclusion to sandwich construction. And the horseradish gives a tasty zing that your tastebuds will love.

horseradish and beetroot steak sandwich

3. Jack Stein’s steak sandwich with blue cheese ranch

Throwing a delicious curve ball, Jack Stein chooses a blue cheese ranch dressing as his condiment of choice. Yum!

blue cheese steak sandwich

4. Dominique Rizzo’s Italian crumbed porcini steak panino

Say goodbye to the beetroot and HELLO to mushrooms! We love your style Dominique!

steak sandwich

Head to Beef and Lamb for even MORE steak sandwich inspiration (including the beauty pictured up top) – something tells me you’re going to need more than one day to work through chowing down your favourites.

Tell us, what’s YOUR favourite steak sandwich combination?


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