4 Affordable and Delicious Entertaining Platters Made Easy at Woolworths

Jumping on board the grazing trend with entertaining platters is an excellent way to feed a crowd when entertaining family and friends this Easter.  It’s the perfect no-cook dining solution for hosts who want to spend their time connecting with friends without being a slave to the kitchen!

Entertaining Platters made easy

We’ve made it both easy and affordable to create that WOW factor by hitting the aisles at Woolworths to create four different platters for any occasion.

It’s easy to get everything you need for Easter entertaining at a great price by buying Woolworths’ own brand products. The savings really add up!

So get ready, here’s our guide to creating crowd-pleasing entertaining platters without breaking the bank!

1. Antipasto Platter

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Nailing the antipasto department with their Marinated & Chargrilled range, the Woolworths Own range features handy 180g containers that are easy to grab and go.

Pick and choose several of your favourites (stuffed capsicums and artichokes, yum!) to be the stars of your board.

Fill in the rest of your board with a variety of crackers, cheese, some vegetable sticks, grapes, breads and deli antipasto meats.

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We used:

  • Woolworths stuffed baby capsicums
  • Woolworths Chargrilled & Marinated artichokes
  • Woolworths Chargrilled & Marinated eggplant
  • Woolworths dolmades
  • Woolworths Chargrilled & Marinated capsicum strips
  • Woolworths Chargrilled & Marinated zucchini with fetta
  • Woolworths cherry bocconcini
  • Woolworths stuffed green olives
  • Woolworths kalamata olives
  • Woolworths wheaten crackers (assorted)
  • Mini toasts
  • Woolworths bakery baguette, and
  • Woolworths mixed nuts
  • From the service deli: prosciutto, salami,
  • From the fruit & veg department; fresh basil, red grapes, green grapes

mum central2. Cheese Platter

If you LOVE cheese (and who doesn’t?), you’re spoiled for choice at Woolworths.

If you love cheese, here’s a great entertaining platter concept! Source: Supplied

Pick your favourite cheeses at Woolworths from creamy mini brie or camembert and add some spice with a sweet chilli-infused cream cheese. Woollies also have all the favourites, including Swiss and cheddar, in manageable, board and budget-friendly sizes.

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We used:

  • Woolworths Select spring onion & chives cream cheese
  • Woolworths Select sweet chilli cream cheese
  • Woolworths camembert cheese
  • Woolworths brie cheese
  • Woolworths Swiss cheese
  • Woolworths Colby cheese
  • Woolworths wheaten crackers (assorted)
  • Woolworths pretzels
  • Mini toasts
  • dips x 2 (hommus & beetroot hommus)
  • Woolworths dried apricots
  • From the fruit & veg department; snow peas, Odd Bunch mini cucumbers, green grapes, red grapes, raspberries,
  • pear, passionfruit, carrot sticks and celery sticks.mum central

3. Meat Platter

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A carnivore’s delight! I made a beeline for the Woolworths Deli, making it super affordable to pick up several meats. You only need a handful of each for variety on this meat platter and if you’re unsure what meats to choose, just ask one of the deli salespeople – they’ll steer you in the right direction!

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We used:

  • Deli Triple smoked leg Ham
  • Deli Danish salami
  • Deli chicken breast
  • Deli corned beef
  • Deli kabana / kransky
  • Serrano ham
  • prosciutto
  • Woolworths Select wholegrain mustard
  • Woolworths bakery baguette
  • Woolworths wheaten crackers (assorted)
  • Woolworths pretzels
  • Woolworths mixed nuts
  • Woolworths dried apricots
  • Mini toasts
  • From the fruit & veg department: snow peas, celery sticks, Odd Bunch mini cucumbers, baby sweet vine-ripened tomatoes and a pear

mum central

4. Sweet Platter

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What’s Easter without a hot cross bun?

Woolworths have five mouth-watering hot cross buns available this year:

  1. Cadbury Choc Chip
  2. Mocha
  3. Brioche
  4. Fruitless, and
  5. Traditional

Don’t assume extra fancy hot cross buns are going to blow the budget because they’re not. You can have all the scrumptious luxury of a buttery brioche bun MINUS the luxury price tag at just $3.50 for a 6 pack, thank you very much.

Pile hot cross buns high on the board and fill in gaps with sweet treats, biscuits, and fruit. Melt chocolate for a delicious fruit fondue dip and don’t forget a scattering of chocolate eggs for good measure!

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We used:

  • Woolworths Brioche Hot Cross Buns
  • Cadbury Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns
  • Woolworths Fruitless Hot Cross Buns
  • Woolworths Mocha Hot Cross Buns
  • Woolworths Mini Traditional Hot Cross Buns
  • Woolworths Rocky Road Mallows biscuits
  • Woolworths choc chip cookies
  • Woolworths Hundreds & Thousands biscuits
  • Woolworths marshmallows
  • Woolworths caramel filled chocolate eggs
  • Woolworths popping candy filled chocolate eggs
  • Woolworths pretzels
  • Woolworths Creme Wafer Minis,
  • From the fruit  & veg department: strawberries, raspberries, kiwifruit, passionfruit, and
  • melted chocolate

mum central

mum central

Mum Central’s Top Platter Tips:

  • When shopping to a budget, choose Woolworths own brand as much as possible. The quality is AMAZING, as is the price.
  • Shop Woolworths special prices in the fresh fruit and vegetable market, Woolworths really are the fresh food people and there’s gold to be found in their Odd Bunch section too!
  • When setting out your platter, lay your big items down first. Cheeses, dips, antipasto tubs, bunches of grapes. It’s then easy to snake your other items in around them and to fill up gaps.
  • For a visual guide on how to put your best platter forward, check out this super quick video below.

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