How to Score a Free $99 Coffee Machine from Woolworths

If you love your coffee, then this latest deal from Woolies is sure to brew you over. You can get a free Lavazza Jolie Coffee Machine, valued at $99 when you buy, wait for it… coffee.

Buy coffee, get a coffee machine

To cash in on the deal you’ll need to purchase six packs of Lavazza coffee capsules. Each will set you back $11, so $66 in total.

Scan the coffee machine and the $99 price will automatically come off your bill. You don’t even need to send something in to get reimbursed or anything.

A shopper shared the receipt proving just how easy it is to pick up a free coffee machine on Facebook group, Markdown Addicts Australia. 

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Source: Facebook

Although we’ve never used the Lavazza Jolie coffee machine, we’re told it’s actually a really good machine. Small, easy to use, stylish – all the good stuff.

So, if you’re keen to upgrade from instant or save on store-bought lattes, this deal may tickle your fancy.

Gotta be quick though – it’s for this week only. But, you’re probably be going to Woolies anyway this week now that the Disney+ Ooshies are in store. We predict these things are going to FLY!

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