Get the Kids in the Kitchen with these Fun Christmas Recipes

Keep the kids entertained leading up to Christmas by putting them to work in the kitchen! Here’s six fun Christmas recipes the kids can lend a hand (or wooden spoon) with!

Sure, kids are messy as all get out when it comes to ‘helping’ in the kitchen. But they’re also a whole lot of fun. When you’re knuckles deep in green food colouring, just remember – you’re making lasting memories here. #funmum

From Rudolph ice creams to bright green wreaths, we’ve got all the delicious fun Christmas recipes for everyone.

1. Rudolph Reindeer Ice Cream Cones

Who knew ice cream could be so CUTE? Chocolate antlers and Jaffa noses transform chocolate ice cream cones into adorable Rudolph reindeer ice cream cones. So much fun and SO EASY.

Rudolph reindeer ice cream cones

2. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Unashamedly, I’ll shout from the chimney top that this is my personal favourite Chrissy snack. A mix of salty and sweet, chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect movie snack on Christmas Eve. AND they make for a great homemade gift.

Chocolate covered pretzels recipe

3. Marshmallow Christmas Wreaths

Sticky and sweet, the kids will have a blast creating delicious Cornflake and marshmallow Christmas wreaths. Melted marshmallow is fluffy, stretchy and delightfully gooey to cook with – there will be lots of giggles all round on this one!

marshmallow Christmas wreath recipe

4. Christmas Light Shortbread Cookies

Buttery biscuits topped with delicious decorative lights make for the prettiest of Christmas light shortbread cookies – that is if the kids don’t eat all the ‘lights’ before they make it to the decorating stage.

Christmas light shortbread biscuit recipe

5. Christmas Chocolate Bark

For a quick Christmas sweet treat recipe, it doesn’t get much quicker (or easier) than Christmas chocolate bark. My hot tip? It pairs beautifully with the aforementioned chocolate covered pretzels. You’re welcome and Merry Christmas.

Christmas chocolate bark recipe

6. Mini Christmas Pudding Biscuits

An oldie but a goodie! The making of mini Christmas pudding biscuits is a great afternoon activity my kids are seemingly NEVER too old for. Bear in mind though, it’s popular everywhere so you want to secure your Arnott’s Royals biscuits ASAP or risk missing out!

Mini Christmas pudding biscuit recipe

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