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Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet Delivers Hours of Fun on the Go!

Touted to be one of the hottest toys just in time for Christmas, Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet is a firm favourite for preschoolers. Just ask our toy reviewer Lily, who has barely put her Dress-Up Closet down since unboxing it! Compact and offering loads of fun, she’s taken it everywhere this week. Check out a day in the life of Lily and Gabby in our video below! 

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet
Elated is an understatement – Lily with her new favourite toy! Source: Mum Central

Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet is only one of the MANY adorable new toys in the Gabby’s Dollhouse collection. Be sure to also check out the Purrfect Dollhouse, plush toys and add-on rooms, all part of the extensive Gabby’s Dollhouse range available at Kmart, Target, Big W and all good toy retailers.

Let’s check out why the Dress-Up Closet is a dream gift for preschoolers and a lovely addition to any play space. Parent-approved too!

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet
Cute, compact and no batteries!  Source: Mum Central

The purrfect portable playset

From a mum’s perspective, Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet is a toy dream come true – no batteries, no annoying sounds and it’s incredibly compact.

It features four play spaces on the inside, but it folds up into a small box which makes it easy to store and transport.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet at the playground
The compactness was one of the fave features for Lily too, who literally carried the thing EVERYWHERE we went. Source: Mum Central

Take a look inside!

Open the cat-themed box and inside, it’s packed with fun surprises and different areas. This was another big tick as a mum – it entertained Lily for hours and hours.

The closet opens up a world of imaginative play and it was so nice to listen to her jabbering on as she immersed herself in this small world of wonder.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet on the go fun
Open the closet and it’s full of fun! Source: Mum Central

Inside, there are four different play areas:

  • A hair salon for Gabby’s hair (with three wigs)
  • A dressing room with three different outfits to choose from plus drawers to place additional accessories (a cape and a cat tail)
  • A catwalk for Gabby to strut her stuff
  • Then, upstairs, there’s a stage with several different backdrops to explore
mum central
Four rooms and a surprise. Source: Mum Central

14 accessories too:

Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet also comes with 14 accessories in total including:

  • 3 wigs, plus wig stands
  • 3 different outfits including hangers to hold the outfits
  • A toy camera, a tripod
  • A surprise box (which contained a lovely little butterfly backpack for Gabby to wear)
mum central
So many wigs, so much fun! Source: Mum Central

So many ways to play

The playset is the perfect size for little hands and Lily loved uncovering the different areas, putting the clothes on the hangers and twirling Gabby around on the catwalk.

She also had a lot of fun climbing Gabby up the ladder onto the stage.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet
The Dress-Up Closet is ideal for quiet, independent play. Source: Mum Central

Perfect for at home or on the go

But perhaps the thing Lily loved the most about Gabby’s Dress-Up closet was that she could easily take it anywhere with her.

Like most preschoolers, Lily is pretty active and isn’t a huge fan of staying home all day long. On the days we do have off from work/daycare, we tend to explore and, on this day, Gabby came along for the ride.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet Playground
She even took it with her to the playground for more on-the-go fun! Source: Mum Central

At home. In the car. To the park. To the beach. Off for a quick visit with grandma. And back again! It’s so easy to open and close and pack up again. Plus, the handle makes it easy to carry around.

A day in the life of Lily and Gabby

Check out a day in the life of Lily…and her new fave toy, Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet.

mum central

YouTube video

A day in the life of Gabby’s Dress-Up Closet 

In the morning

After dropping her big sister at school, we ventured to the beach for a short little play. I thought Gabby might remain in the car for this one, but, nope, out the Dress-Up Closet came.

While Lily was hesitant to take Gabby swimming, they did enjoy a lovely sand play together.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet at the beach
Lily’s found a new little friend for life in her Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet. Source: Mum Central

Then it was off to the park for a picnic and a play. Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet came along for the ride (of course!).

At the park, Lily barely put her new toy down and it went down the slippery dip several times. So much fun!

mum central
Light and compact for plays on the go. Source: Mum Central

A quick trip to the grocery store for some dinner items and then it was back home, where, after some quiet time, Gabby’s Dress-Up Closet came out for another play as she discovered the various accessories and the special surprise.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet in the car
Take it anywhere and everywhere, no matter what the day holds. Source: Mum Central

Afternoon adventures

Soon we were heading home to meet big sister Jade (10) after a full day at school. This time Lily let Jade have a go, and she loved it even though she doesn’t watch the series.

Gabby's Dollhouse Dress-up Closet with big sister
Having her big sister play with her was definitely one of the highlights of Lily’s day. Source: Mum Central

Quick stop at Grandma’s!

A quick stop over at Grandma’s place for a quick cuddle and a snack. Grandma makes the best after-school snacks and Lily was so excited to show Grandma her new toy.

mum central
The perfect toy to bring to grandma’s house for more playtime. Source: Mum Central

The perfect accessory to any preschooler’s playroom

It’s quite amazing how something so small and compact offers so many hours of pretend play. I predict Gabby’s Dress-Up Closet will remain a favourite for Lily for many more months and, as it’s so compact, there are no dramas about finding a space to store it in her already-crowded playroom. BONUS!

As mentioned, the Dress-Up Closet is only one of the many toys in the Gabby’s Dollhouse range. You can find Gabby’s Dollhouse toys at Kmart, Big W, Target and good toy retailers.

In the range, there is also the Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse (RRP $109), plus plenty of smaller Deluxe Rooms you can buy (each sold separately) that attach to the dollhouse to expand the play.

The Dress-Up Closet retails for $69.99 and is the perfect present to keep up with any imaginative and active preschooler.

mum central

Be sure to also put your name down to WIN a Gabby’s Prize Pack featuring the Dress-Up Closet plus so many more amazing products.

mum central

To celebrate Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet, we’re giving away an entire closet full of Gabby’s goods!

Valued at almost $500, this prize package is sure to be the puurfect surprise for your Gabby fan.

The prize pack includes:

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse Purrfect Dollhouse (RRP $109.99)
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse Dress-Up Closet (RRP $69.99)
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse Deluxe Figure Set (RRP $39.99)
  • 4 x Gabby’s Dollhouse Deluxe Rooms – Bakery with Cakey Kitchen, MerCat’s Primp and Pamper Bathroom, Pillow Cat’s Sweet Dream Bedroom and Groovy Music Room (RRP $25.99 each)
  • 6 x Gabby’s Dollhouse Purr-ific Plushes (RRP $16.99 each)
  • 3 x Gabby’s Dollhouse Cat-tivity Pack – Gabby’s Flower-rific Garden, Gabby’s Kitty Karaoke and Gabby’s Lunch n Munch (RRP $19.99 each)

To enter, simply complete the entry form below and you’re in the running!


mum central


This competition has now closed! The winners have been named in our Spring Winners Announcement! Feeling lucky? See our current competitions for more opportunities to win. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, good luck!

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