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The Chilling Moment Baby Taken from Mum’s Supermarket Trolley

A mum has shared her horrific experience of seeing her baby taken at a supermarket in South Africa. The mum was shopping with her little one, who was placed in the trolley when a stranger swooped in and grabbed the infant.

In chilling footage shared on Facebook, Danielle Wolff zeroes in on the exact moment it happened. 

Baby stolen from mum's trolley
Mum and bub are in the butcher’s section. Source: Facebook

As she explains, her eight-month daughter was placed in the child seat in the trolley at her local supermarket in Alberton, South Africa. She reached down to grab some meat from the fridge and when she looked up, her daughter was gone. 

Ms Wolff then frantically searched around until she noticed her daughter in the arms of a man she didn’t recognise. 

‘Find her in the arms of a man’

In chilling footage of the incident posted to her Facebook page, Ms Wolff can be seen looking around until she spots her little girl with the man wearing a white apron.

She immediately runs up to him, grabs her child, and walks away. 

mum central
You can see a man now holding the infant. Source: Facebook

The man, who appears to be an employee at the store, then follows her, most likely to explain why he picked her up. 

Wolff elaborates, explaining how it was a harrowing experience for her. 

Within an instant, a stranger is seen in the video taking my daughter. I look up and she’s gone…. I immediately look for her and find her in the arms of this man,” she shares.

“I’m able to grab her from him and say what’s he doing with my daughter?”

Wanted a cuddle 

However, there are two sides to every story and the man’s story looks a bit different.

The man responded that he noticed the baby’s arms were up and reaching out for a “cuddle”.

So he picked her up and took her. The man didn’t seem to be concerned about how upset Ms. Wolff was and was smiling the whole time. 

I (kept) saying this is not funny, you don’t touch a child, you don’t take a child… this isn’t a joke and I don’t find it amusing.”

“I am so angry, shocked and hysterical! I’m shouting where were you taking her??? What were you going to do with her?” Danielle adds. 

After reporting the incident to the store’s manager, Danielle was told the employee will be spoken to, but that he didn’t mean any harm. However, Danielle and her husband, Bradley, have since filed a complaint and police are investigating the matter. 

Mixed reaction to baby taken incident 

The situation has caused some debate on social media with many people suggesting Danielle was well within her rights to be horrified and angered when she saw her baby taken. After all, you don’t just go up to someone’s child and pick them up, even if they look like they want a cuddle. 

Many others, however, assumed that she overreacted and that the store owner was only planning to hold the baby, not take her away. Sure, it’s a bit odd, but people do weird things all the time. 

What do you think? How would you react in this situation? 

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