Post Office Helps Little Girl Send Mummy a Birthday Cake in Heaven

No child should have to grow up with her mother. But it happens to countless children, including four-year-old Bella Graham. 

But thanks to post office staff, Bella was able to celebrate her mum’s 30th birthday by having a special cake delivered to heaven.

Celebrating mum, even when gone 

Two years ago, Little Bella lost her best friend – her mum, Jessica Graham – to a sudden illness. While being without her mum on a daily basis is tough, Bella copes well, thanks to the care of her family, including her grandma, Laura Fisher.

Bella and her mum Jessica

As Jessica’s would-be-30th birthday approached, Bella started to worry that her mum wouldn’t get a party.

“She started expressing concern that mommy wouldn’t have a birthday cake in heaven,” Laura says.

Express delivery to heaven

The family work hard to keep the memories alive for Bella and birthdays are a big occasion. Fortunately, a post office in Florida was more than happy to help Bella with her special request. And, lucky for Bella, they happen to ship directly to heaven!


“(The post office) mails hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa Claus every year, so heaven wasn’t that much further, right?,” Laura says.

‘Mummy’s going to have a party’

Laura and Bella whipped up a yummy cake for mum and brought it to the post office. Workers even opened up a special line just for them.

“They said this line was for people shipping to heaven only. They put a stamp on it, they guaranteed her that the cake would arrive before mummy’s birthday.”

An ecstatic Bella left the post office beaming, so pleased that “Mummy’s going to have a birthday cake. She’s going to have a party”.

little girl makes cake for mum in heaven

In an interview with NBC News Channel, Laura commends the kindness and compassion of the post office staff.

“They have no idea how much it meant to her to be able to do that for her mum,” she says.

Sending Bella’s mummy a very happy birthday from all of us at Mum Central. And a hug from all of us straight to Bella as she celebrates her mum’s special day.

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