Grab the Tissues, This Pregnancy Announcement May Just Make You Cry!

You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed softie to eek out a tear (or two) when you watch this soon-to-be dad finding out that his wife is pregnant.

When popular YouTuber Corey Williams thought he was doing a taste test challenge with his wife Kristen, he was in for a far bigger surprise than he could have imagined.

Known for his outdoor living channel on YouTube, Dude Like HELLA, Williams is used to showing up on the small screen while taping his life, living in Alaska. Unlike his typical vlogs, this one was all his wife’s creation. Even though she’s co-starred in plenty of his videos, she asked to take control for this particular one. Why? She wanted to take what’s typically already a memorable moment and make it oh-so much more!

Williams’ wife blindfolds him and begins the taste test. Handing him jar after jar, he guesses right away. When he comes to the last jar – banana baby food – he knows the taste the second the goop hits his mouth. During the ‘taste test’ the mum-to-be holds up signs to clue the audience in.

Why does Williams think that his wife gave him banana baby food? Because it was his favorite! As he spoons the stuff into his mouth, she continues asking him why he thinks she’s giving him the pureed fruit. When he finally realizes that it’s because he’s about to have a baby (well, his wife is – and in roughly nine months), he has just the reaction that every new mum wants to see.

Watching the video you might notice that Kristen clues Corey in on the baby about half way through. When he figures the ‘surprise’ out, the video still has a few minutes left to run. What gives? The second half is pure reaction! Williams and his wife lock lips and sweetly celebrate the news.

While this might be a total tear-jerker, it’s not exactly the first “man finds out that he’s going to be a dad” video out there. Seventeen years ago Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband Arkell Graves started trying to conceive. After delivering a stillborn baby and having four miscarriages the couple gave up their baby dreams. Fast-forward five years and Griffin-Graves found herself in a doctor’s office, hearing that she’s pregnant. She could have immediately called her husband or simply told him the news. But, a baby surprise this crazy-big needed much more fanfare. She put the ultrasound pic next to a batch of buns in the oven (yes, playing on the cliché pregnancy saying). Using the video camera to capture the moment, the mum catches her husband as he breaks down crying.

If you’re looking for a twist on the mum tells dad video, husband Sam Rader filmed his ‘tell’. Instead of his wife Nia letting him in on her secret, he switched things up. Suspecting that she was pregnant, he snuck into the bathroom (she admits to not flushing) and performed the pregnancy test without her ever knowing. He comes home from work, shows her the test and gives her the news. The touching moment makes an even more poignant point in light of the couple’s miscarriage announcement just days later. According to the March of Dimes, roughly 10 to 15 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Along with their joyous news, the Rader’s also filmed the sadness that followed. Getting upwards of 360,000 views in just hours, it’s clear that this couple’s story touched the world.

So, you’re about to be a mum. Do you pull out the video camera? Flick on your mobile and film the whole ‘tell’? Maybe. If you want to share your news with family, friends and the rest of the YouTube universe, then why not?


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