Mum’s Grinch Photoshoot for Daughter Goes Spectaculary Wrong


Awkward Christmas photos – you know the ones where the kids are mid-scream, arms flailing or reaching for the camera in an attempt to escape the terror? Call me nuts, but I love them. It’s just not Christmas without an annual photo of my children crying on Santa’s knee.

Well, this year Santa’s photos are either virtual or socially distant, thanks a lot Covid, which means kids won’t get to experience the joy of awkward Christmas photos.

But never fear, because this mum discovered a new way to scar her child just in time for Christmas. It’s all thanks to her Grinch photoshoot which went from cute to pure childhood terror in three seconds flat.


Beware the Grinch! 

Grinch Photoshoot
Source: Facebook

All mum-of-three Shemika Ales from Mississippi wanted for Christmas was a cute Grinch photoshoot starring her adorable daughter, Harlow.

Perhaps she could frame one of the photos, maybe make it into a Christmas card, cherish it forever, that sort of thing.

Instead, the whole thing turned into the stuff of childhood nightmares thanks to Captain Creepo Grinch lurking in the woods behind Harlow.

The Grinch that Scarred the Little Girl for Life

The photos start out so sweet and innocent. Smiling little girl in the woods. Not a green monster to be seen.

grinch photoshoot Harlow
Not a care in the world.  Source: Facebook

But then the Grinch slowly creeps up on Harlow. When she discovers the festive visitor, welp, let’s just say it doesn’t end well!

grinch photoshoot goes viral
Don’t go into the woods! Source: Facebook
mum central
Source: Facebook

You can literally feel her fear through the photos as she realises there’s a massive green beast sitting next to her. Kudos to the photographer (who wishes to remain annoymous) for capturing such fraught emotion!

mum central
Hell NO! Source: Facebook

mum central

Harlow hoofs it as fast as she can away from the strange green demon. Pretty sure she won’t be requesting the Dr. Seuss classic as a bedtime story anytime soon.

mum central
Source: Facebook
grinch photoshoot goes wrong
Run, child! RUN! Source: Facebook

No damage done

Luckily Harlow has a great sense of humour and is already looking back at the photos and laughing with her mum.

Plus, Harlow’s dad works as a state trooper and told her that he locked the Grinch up. Gotta love a little white parenting lie.

Grinch photoshoot goes viral

Since Shemika shared them on Facebook she’s received thousands of likes, shares, and comments, mostly positive.

Shemika tells Cafemom,

I think everyone needed a laugh due to all the election and corona illness.”

Sure, it looks like an evil thing to do, but, come on, haven’t we all accidentally scared the living sh*t out of our children in one way or another? At least Shemika has some festive photos to show for it.

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