We all have a pic (or ten) of our kids making a weird face or smiling like a constipated chipmunk in a school photo. But those pics have nothing on this collection of awkward family photos that prove the best family pics are the ones that are dripping with awkwardness.

If you haven’t heard of the website Awkward Family Photos, then allow us to introduce you to this masterpiece. It’s a place where people can submit their awkward family photos, usually from their childhood. Where mullets meet creepy mascots. Where matching your clothing to the couch is all but normal. And, mostly, where safety isn’t even a thing.

Welcome, ladies, to our 25 favourite awkward family photos of all time.

*All photos sourced at Awkward Family Photos*

1. Safety standards in the 60s

Nope. Nothing terrifying about this at all.

awkward photos

2.  Trick or treat

“Halloween 1994, when my parents told us they were a sock and a sock box, and asked us to put on our white pajamas, because we were dryer lint.”

Trick indeed.

3. Look ma! I made a bubble

She’s not dicking around with her bubble-making.

4. Happy birthday

When your granddad sends you a photo in celebration of his 80th birthday…#MyEyes.

5. Here comes the bunny 

I’m going out on a limb here and saying these kids will probs live in fear of the Easter Bunny FOR LIFE.

6. You touched him last

Not it.

7. I’m watching you

Not sure if this is the same baby or the baby’s evil twin, but either way… awks.

8. What the duck

Proof that mascots in the 80s were THE WORST.

9. Glamour girl

When your mum takes you to get glamour shots at the mall and you walk out as a middle-aged woman who wants to speak to the manager.

And then your parents frame it and hang it in their living room.

10. Gimme a P

The pom-poms and megaphone placement…😂

Clearly the photographer had the last laugh.

11. Bunny Magic

What fresh rabbit hell is this? It’s like Katy Perry’s Roar but after a hit of acid.

12.  The face of innocence 

When the photographer tells her to smile pretty and she does THIS. Childhood destroyed.

13. Three of a kind

It’s depressing to think that THIS was the best shot the photographer could capture.

14. Hands down awful

When your wedding photographer sends you this gem…

15. Mullet man

This kid’s hair is 80s goals.

16. Couch cool 

That time my mum made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.

17. Literally the most 80s photo in the history of 80s photos

Awkward poses. Mullets. Sweaters with collared shirts. Cabbage Patch dolls. Alf. It’s a masterpiece of 80s nostalgia.

awkward 80s family photos

18. Pull up a shroom

Looks like someone learned how to use photoshop and decided to add the family to a field of mushrooms.

Nope. Nothing weird about that.

Even the dog gets a place.

19. Un-bear-able terror 

When your dad insists on getting a picture with the drunk bear that most likely ate the family before you.

Only the kid in the pram knows the truth.

20. Sneeze freeze

How’s the timing of this pic, caught mid-sneeze?!

awkward family photos

21. Mum ramp

If your mum wasn’t making herself into a ramp so you could try out your new BMX in just your jocks, did she even love you?

22. Mum’s gone wild

Just your typical bed from the 70s.. hanging from chains and with a cabinet stocked with booze and handcuffs in the back. Spot the pussy cat…

23. Nan’s crockery

When grandma wants a nice picture of her with her place settings.

awkward family photos

24. Dummy shot 

We’re not sure what’s worse. The floating head or the ventriloquist dummy that made it into their family photo. Either way, the awkwardness is next level.

25. In the dog house

Finally, let’s return to that time when your parents made you and your siblings dress up and pose with their favourite family member.

The collars are an extra awkward touch. Kudos mum and dad.

Awkward family photos

So much awkward goodness in one post! Make sure you head to the Awkward Family Photos website for even more gold. They add new pics daily.

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