This is What Happens When Kids are Left Alone

Step 1: Procreate.
Step 2: Attempt to enjoy five minutes of peace and quiet. 
Step 3: Discover your children covered in some sort of strange goo. 

Yep, pretty much sums it up.

We’ve all been there. And we’ve got the photographic evidence to prove it!

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Welcome to parenting – prepare to get dirty

We recently showed you what happens when kids get into the nappy cream  (spoiler alert – it doesn’t end well). Turns out, finding your kid covered in Sudocrem is actually pretty common.

And it doesn’t end at Sudocrem either!

These photos from our Mum Central community are proof that leaving your kids unattended for even a few moments is never a good idea.

Why? Because it is in those moments where you go outside to hang the washing out, or you assume your toddler is asleep, or you think your kids are playing nicely together (FOR ONCE) that disaster will strike.

young child covered in paint

And you’ll find your child covered in paint.

toddler smeared in Vegemite

Or Vegemite.

mum central

Sharpie pens are also fun.

mum central

And mum’s collection of pads. The bigger, the better (and the harder to get off the wall).

mum central

And let’s not forget poo.

toddlrs covered in Sudocrem

But the most common substance to lather all over their hands (and the walls) has to be Sudocrem. Something about it – the colour, the texture, the smell perhaps? It seems to send kids into a weird trance where they MUST touch it.

And they MUST cover their bodies with it.

mum central baby Sudocrem mess toddler covered in Sudocrem

Kids. Gotta love them. And you’ve gotta hand it to them too. They sure know how to make a mess. But they sure look cute doing it!

For more unfiltered parenting moments, have a look at the messy truth behind those perfect playroom pics. 

Thanks to all the mums and dads who submitted photos of their kids! It’s so refreshing to know that I’m not the only one currently cleaning Sharpie pen off our freshly-painted walls! 

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