Sharpies and Sudocrem: Celebrity Babies Behaving Badly

Sharpie pens. Sudocrem. And silence. Pretty much the worst combination in the world, especially if you have kids.

Two Aussie celeb mums recently found out just what happens when these things mix. And they were brave enough to share the messy aftermath on social media.

Kids ruin things. It’s what they do. It doesn’t matter if you JUST bought a new bedspread or JUST moved in to a new home. Given the chance, kids are gonna mess it up.

Just ask Bec Judd and Rachael Finch, who both shared photos of what their tiny terrors have been up to around the house.

The Sharpie Effect

Let’s start at the Judd residence, where busy mum-of-four Bec, proudly posted her beautiful new bedspread purchased from Adairs.

Bec Judd bedspread
Image source: becjudd

Gorgeous right?

She then discovered Darcy had added to the design. With a black sharpie pen.

Bec Jud's baby ruins new bedspread - celebrity babies behaving badly
Image source: becjudd

Darcy, who has a twin brother, Tom, clearly doesn’t give a stuff about bed linen. Or commercial partnerships. Sorry Adairs.

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Creme de la carpet

Another Aussie mum also has her hands full with her own messy monster. Mum-of-two Rachael Finch shared an image of her daughter, Violet, head to toe in nappy cream.

celebrity babies behaving badly
Image source: rachael_finch

She added to the photo, “The time we JUST moved into our brand new house and someone had a field day with the nappy cream.”

We especially love the footprints across the brand new carpet. That’s always fun to deal with.

From the looks of these photos, even the most picture perfect families have a few messes to clean up along the way.

Looking for more messy moments you can most certainly relate to? Check out these Sharpie sisters who prove that ‘playing quietly’ is never a good thing.  

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