Introducing Salad Servers Direct – the Healthy Meal Delivery Service for Busy Mums!

You know the drill, you want to be putting delicious, healthy food on the dinner table but you just don’t have the time, the cooking skills or the motivation to hit the supermarket to do it. Here’s a gamechanger – a healthy meal delivery service so delicious, even the fussiest of eaters will devour.

That’s right, now you can put quick, easy, wholesome READY-MADE meals on the table with Salad Servers Direct. It’s the healthy meal delivery service that’s shaking up the healthy dinner game. Think of it as having your own personal chef bring dinner to your front door, and is becoming the saviour to time-poor mums.

salad servers direct healthy meal delivery
Ready-made meals, salads and sides, oh my! Source: Supplied

It’s the healthy meal delivery service many of us want

Before you jump to the conclusion Salad Servers Direct is just about salads, STOP! They are SO much more than just salads! Though to be fair, their salads do look *chef’s kiss* very delicious.

Salads aside, Salad Servers Direct also deliver large, family size ready-made meals directly to your home. Made with the intention to make meals as easy as possible, the only time you’ll need to set aside is to heat and serve!

How large is large? Family-sized packs serve 4 to 6 people and because meals DO come in those handy larger sizes, it keeps the cost-per-serve lower for you, the customer. Any leftovers can become kids’ dinners for the following night or work lunches the next day. The delicious benefits just keep on coming.

salad servers direct healthy meal delivery
Source: Supplied

What’s on the menu?

Salad Servers Direct caters for ALL families (and their tastebuds) with their ready-made meals and meal kits!

There’s curries, casseroles, risottos, soups, traybakes, pasta with a range of delicious sauces, drool-worthy cafe and power bowls… to name just a few.

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Delicious salads for days. Source: Supplied

There’s also kids meal options with a focus on making extra veggies practically undetectable.

Best of all, Salad Servers Direct also caters for vegetarian and plant-based diets too!

healthy meal delivery
There are SO many brilliant ready-made meals to try from Salad Servers Direct! Source: Supplied

And if you DO feel like cooking, Salad Servers Direct has several meal kits to choose from. The chicken and tofu laksa looks to be out-of-this-world good, as does the almond satay and tofu stir fry kit. I can say with 100% confidence that the Chicken Katsu Curry meal kit would go down a treat with my family.

Let’s face it, cooking CAN become a bit of a drag even when you set out with the best intentions, each meal kit is created to be super quick for parents to cook with minimal prep on your behalf involved. How awesome!

healthy meal delivery
Fancy doing a little cooking? Easy to prep and cook meal kits are available too. YUM! Source: Supplied

Speaking of being spoiled for choice, Salad Servers Direct’s amazing salad range has to be commended. With over a dozen flavour packed salad choices available, they’re perfect for catering a party, picnic or BBQ. You can even order a potato bake and that’s half the job done. No mess, no fuss and no prepping. The ultimate time-saver.

Fresh meals always

Just as you would if you were making it yourself, you’re getting a healthy meal delivery made fresh, every time! All Salad Servers Direct meals are made to order in a purpose-built food manufacturing facility in Chatswood, NSW. 100% family-owned and operated, locally sourced and produced. #winning

mum central
Delivering fresh, quick and wholesome meals for every occasion! Source: Supplied

The perfect lunchtime solution

If you’re like me and love a good salad for lunch, these handy salad bowls are a brilliant solution. Quick, easy and super healthy – there’s a bowl to suit all tastes (and the price will certainly take some beating!) Five of those and my work lunches are sorted – certainly a brilliant solution for those looking for healthier lunchtime options too!

Salad Bowls
Salad Servers Direct offers a brilliant range of ready-made salad bowls – just mix and eat! Source: Supplied

Healthy family dinners, come at me!

Want some of this delicious, healthy family dinner delivery for yourself? OF COURSE, YOU DO. Salad Servers Direct deliver to and around New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria regions.

There are no subscriptions or sign-up tricks. You simply order what you want, when you want it and Salad Servers Direct will deliver it, it’s that easy!

No waste, no mess, no fuss and NO COOKING (unless you want to)! #yesalldaylong

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This is a sponsored post for Salad Servers Direct.

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      Me too Blossom! I would order in a heartbeat! I have purchased their salads before from Costco if you’re a member. They only have a limited number available but agree – I’d be a regular!

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