Mealtimes just got a whole lot easier and cleaner thanks to this ingenious new product.

It’s a Toddler Messy Tray and it will transform your toddler mealtimes into a (somewhat) clean experience. Less stress, fewer messes all around. Best of all? It’s under $20! #SCORE!

Toddler Messy Tray
Suction cups, spill-proof edging and easy carry handles for less mealtime mess. Source: Supplied


If you have a little one starting solids or a messy tot who LOVES to smear food everywhere, then the clever Hello Sunshine Toddler Messy Trays is for you!

Lily and the Toddler Messy Tray
A toddler’s mealtime BFF. Source: Supplied

Minimise mess with the Toddler Messy Tray

Gone are the days of trying to peel caked-on mashed banana off the kitchen table or having to get the vacuum/mop/dog every time your tot has a snack. And watching your toddler pick up a plate of food and purposely drop it on the floor? No more!

The Toddler Messy Tray contains the mess to the tray AND keeps it in place, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed mealtime that doesn’t end with you having to mop spaghetti sauce off the floor.

Spills no more! Source: Supplied

Toddler mealtime made easy with the Toddler Messy Tray

The Toddler Messy Tray ticks all the boxes and then some:

Super light and durable.
Easy to carry/pack in a bag. Easy to clean too!
Suction to all surfaces.
Spill-proof sides all around. No more juice spills!
Fits perfectly over the table edge.
Brings the family together! Helps toddlers transition from high chair to the family dinner table.
Great for family outings. Safer and more sanitary when eating in public settings.
Carry handle for easy grip and carry.
Made from non-toxic and food-grade tested materials.

Ideal for independent little eaters

The Toddler Messy Tray is a great way to give your tot the independence she wants without the crazy cleanup  that tends to follow said mealtime. Many tots prefer to be at the big table with everyone else, which is often why the meals end up on the floor – out of defiance.

The Toddler Messy Tray is an ideal way to graduate from a high chair. Source: Supplied

Furthermore, many children HATE wearing bibs. My daughter will literally throw herself on the floor and howl like a banshee if we even mention the word.

It’s suitable for both a dining table or a small table and chair set, which is where many tots prefer to eat, especially during snack time.

Toddler Messy Tray - Lily
This little tray is sure to be a BIG hit for both you and your toddler. Source: Supplied

Pack and go

You can easily bring it with you when eating out too. It’s small enough to fit in a nappy bag or backpack and a COVID-friendly way to enjoy meals out with your tot.

Whether having a picnic or BBQ at the local picnic table or public setting, there’s no need to worry about germs on the table – simply place the tray down, allow cups to create suction and you’re on your way!

Source: Supplied

Capture spills 

Plus, it’s great when out for dinner at a restaurant. I really don’t like using the communal high chairs, almost as much as I don’t like watching my toddler spill her drink on the floor and attempting to mop it up with a napkin. #FACEPALM.

With the Toddler Messy Tray, the spill-proof edging will keep juice/water/yoghurt/any other gooey concoction on the tray, not leaking all over the floors.

Toddler Messy Tray
Perfect for trapping food that didn’t quite make it into their mouths. Source: Supplied

Cute characters

Toddlers will love the design too. My daughter had a blast pointing at all the different veggie characters and trying to name them. Got most of them wrong, but, hey, baby steps.

If there’s a cute carrot character on her tray, maybe she will be more inclined to eat the carrots I cook for her? Worth a shot, right??

Hello Sunshine Toddler Messy Tray
Look mum, a carrot! Source: Supplied

Get yours at Big W

You can pick up your own Toddler Messy Tray at Big W for $19 RRP. I definitely recommend one – it will save you heaps of time and effort cleaning messes off the floor, high chair and table and gives your tot a little bit of excitement and independence at mealtime. For under $20, it’s 100% worth it! Get it at BIG W or Gift Playground.

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