Help Your Kids Eat More Fruit: 11 Times Fruit Snacks Got SUPER Cute!

Need a sure fire way to help your kids eat more fruit? The simple answer could be – to make it REAL CUTE. 

Dress that fruit up so cute that they can’t resist gobbling it up!

Sure, there’s a bit of creativity required, but we’re not going to dismiss it just yet. Grab your paring knife, a bag of choc chips and the remnants of your fruit bowl – prepare to be inspired. Lets be honest, as a desperate mum you’d pretty much try anything to help your kids eat more fruit. So, come on. Here’s 11 cute fruit ideas to get you started – and (fingers crossed) help your kids eat more fruit today! 

1. Delicious banana penguins

Chocolate dipped bananas moonlighting as penguins? You bet! Head to Sainsbury’s for all of the delicious details!

cute fruit banana penguins

2. Art worthy berry plates

If awards were being handed out for cute fruit art, folks we have a trophy winner! Darynakossar morphs mulberries into hedgehogs and raspberries into aloof puppies.

Cute fruit berry plates

3. Banana giraffes

If your kids ever ask for fruit giraffes, AmourDuCake has nailed it. I mean seriously nailed it to the wall. Chocolate chips, half grapes, almonds.. it’s all there!

Cute fruit banana giraffes

4. Watermelon weber

From the She Knows vault, the cutest baby watermelon kettle weber you ever did see! Perched on celery sticks and holding fruit kebabs, it’s perfect summer party fare!

Cute fruit watermelon weber

5. Best dressed bananas

As if you’ve never wanted to create mini cravats and put faces on your bananas! Thanks for this fun banana dress-up idea Kutchen Kult.

Cute fruit fancy dress bananas

6. Crabby apples

Put an end to any mid morning crabbiness with a morning tea of apple crabs! Soooo cute, thanks for the inspo Crafty Morning.

Cute fruit crabby apples

7. Fruity First Fleet

Rock melon sail boats anyone? Juicy melon vessels topped with tangy pineapple sails, could there be a tastier adventure? Head to Taste to get cracking on making your own mooring!

Cute fruit sail boats

8. Ninja apples

From the Pinterest files, ninja apples! A cute lunch box inclusion, simply tie a crepe paper remnant, stick on a couple of eyes and draw a mouth. Easy as.

Cute fruit ninja apples

9. Caterpillar skewers

Caterpillar skewers is possibly the cutest way EVER to munch grapes. Little Food Junction even tops each one with a happy cherry tomato face, brilliant.

Cute fruit caterpillar skewers

10. Dolphin and wave watermelon bowl

A watermelon or a work of art? This dolphin and waves fruit bowl from One Crafty Thing is most definitely, BOTH.

mum central

11. Critter crudites

Critter crudites! Snails and caterpillars aplenty, Good Housekeeping shows us how we can glue all the tasty critters together with healthy peanut butter.

Cute fruit critter crudites

May the cute fruit force be with you! There’s nothing more frustrating than fussy eaters so here’s to them trying something new (even if it is a banana dressed like a penguin!) Rest assured you’re not alone in your quest to help your kids to eat more fruit!

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