Here’s One Christmas Song Every Mother Can Wish For

Shannon Abbott, the mother of two with the voice of an angel who wowed us with her rendition of Hallelujah, is back with her latest re-write.

This time she’s singing ‘New Dream’ to the melody of ‘White Christmas’ and her lyrics are something that every mother can relate to!


I’m dreaming of a clean house
Just like the one I used to have
Now the toys are scattered and food is splattered
In places that I can’t even reach

I’m dreaming of a long nap
Just like the ones I used to take
But the children need me right now
I’ll get through this crazy day somehow

I’m dreaming of those old days
And yet those days don’t measure up
Being well rested in a house that’s dusted
Are things I’d gladly give away

Now I have a new dream
To see my children smiling
Now my days are merry and bright
Yeah I guess this new dream’s alright

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