Let’s face it.  The thought of organising your child’s birthday party either excites you or makes you shudder.

For some of us it’s an opportunity to put our creative skills to use. Just the thought however is enough for others to want to stick their fingers in their ears and sing la-la-la-la-la!

I’m the ‘finger in the ears’ kind. I LOVE parties but I don’t love organising them. I’m too time-poor to do them properly and the Virgo in me insists they’re done properly or not at all! My 2 boys share birthdays just two weeks apart (Yep nice ‘n close!) so I typically combine their celebrations. This year they’re turning 3 and 5 and I wanted something special for my eldest’s milestone birthday, but what?  Last year’s Toy Story party at home took WAY more time and energy than I’d expected, and now you know that throwing birthday parties is just not my thing. So what’s the solution for a mum who loves a good party but hates organising them?

Outsource baby!

I’d heard about this fab new place in Adelaide, I Look My Style Kids, that specialises in fully-catered and fabulously themed birthday parties. Hello!! A quick visit to their website made it clear why these guys stand out amongst the ‘other’ party places in the market.

These are not your ordinary birthday parties.

One theme jumped out at me straight away. The Dinosaur Party was perfect. With 2 young boys, we don’t do quiet (that much), we do big and loud!

Just like the intro says:

Rock, Roar Dinosaur, the dance of the dinosaurs has begun,
So lets join in to have some fun…
The room will shake with fearsome roars…
The children will scream for more…more…more!

But the BEST part about these parties are that they are ALL INCLUSIVE = I mean EVERYTHING is included! From the invites, to the cake, to the games, to the costumes, to the food and even the party favour bags at the end.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!  (insert angelic music) All we had to do is bring the crowd and turn up on time. Done and done!

Our all-inclusive party covered:

  • 1 and a half hours of non-stop entertainment hosted party time
  • 2 fun hosts
  • Themed invitations
  • Café for all parents (great coffee too!)
  • All guests were recommended to dress in their favourite green top (looked fab to match dinosaur costumes!)
  • Dressing the part is loads of fun and along comes the learning of some famous roars
  • Green coloured hair for fun
  • Face Painting
  • Themed Tattoos
  • Themed music
  • Approximately 3-4 Dinosaur games and 4 prizes;
    • Egg and spoon race
    • Dinosaur Stomp
    • Pass the parcel
    • Dinosaur Statues
    • Dinosaurs best moves
  • Amazing come to life Dinosaur themed table setting and colour scheme
  • Chicken nuggets and chips, mini dino hot dog, fairy bread, chips, cordial & water
  • Birthday package cake or you may like to upgrade to any of their decadent cakes
  • Favour bags for every child.

The party started straight away with the boys stepping into their costumes, some dino-face painting, coloured mohawks and temporary tattoos. They were transformed into little dinosaurs and the scene was set for some big stomping action! Even the parents were excited and anticipating what was about to happen!


Pretty soon the boys were ready to go….


And the games began! We started with the Egg & Spoon Race…


Followed by Pass the Parcel…


Then it was time for D.I.S.C.O!  Yeah baby! The kids lined up in single file and made their way to an adjoining room. It was dark, anticipation building, the boys couldn’t contain their excitement for much longer. Then, BOOM! The music started, and the DANCE FLOOR LIT UP! How cool! The room had an interactive dance floor, complete with glitter ball, neon lights and DJ to get the room rocking!  They dressed up in funky hats and wore groovy glasses, the boys were having the time of their lives playing a few more games and let their feet do the grooving. Totally entertaining!!


All that fun made for hungry bellies so we returned to find the table had been set, food was served and the boys tucked into dinosaur nuggets, hot dogs, fruit skewers, sandwiches and more!


Soon after it was time to cut the cakes (also supplied as part of the package!) and blow out the candles.  The cake was delicious and topped off what was an incredible afternoon of fun, laughter and party  fun.


It was an incredible afternoon with 12 little boys transformed into roaring dinosaurs for a couple of hours. Everyone had a ball, including the parents and it was by far one of the best birthday parties we’ve had. And, of course the best part was (wait for it…) I got to walk away, LEAVING ALL THE MESS BEHIND!

I Look My Style Kids offer a range of other themed parties including Hollywood, Pirate, Dora, Glamour, Princess and wait for it, FROZEN Birthday Parties, plus much, much more! Check out the gorgeous room below – perfect for tea parties, baking parties and of course Frozen parties!


So there you have it!

It certainly exceeded my expectations and given the huge response we got to my original post on Facebook, we decided to share the day with you all!

Do yourselves a favour and check out their website for more great options!




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