What to Name Your Kids If You Want Them to Make Money

Could your baby’s name impact his or her future salary?

This clever app thinks so! And it’s a must-try!

UK company Adzuna has come up with a brilliant way to discover the average salary your little one may make when they grow up, based on his or her name. And we had to share it with all parents and parents-to-be who may need a bit of assistance on the baby name front!

The company analysed 500,000 CVs and compared 1,200 different names and salaries.


Will you be cashing in?

So, which baby names take out the top spots for highest income earners? And which names are often associated with lower salaries? We cross-checked the most popular baby names in Australia last year to find out which of our little ones will be bringing in the big bucks.

Leo, James, Oscar, Alexis, Madeline and Lily are set to become future CEOs (or electricians!) while Jack, Liam, Ruby and Chloe are at the bottom of the list.

Here’s the complete list of the most popular Australian baby names compared to average salary.

High income baby names – popular boys’ names

  1. Leo ($72,374)
  2. James ($66,198)
  3. Oscar ($65,566)
  4. George ($64,769)
  5. Henry ($64,526)
  6. Max ($64,495)
  7. Alexander ($63,449)
  8. William ($62,679)
  9. Oliver ($61,721)
  10. Benjamin ($59,721)
  11. Thomas ($58,736)
  12. Charlie ($57,781)
  13. Lucas ($57,157)
  14. Isaac ($56,443)
  15. Harry ($55,502)
  16. Samuel ($53,941)
  17. Ethan ($52,473)
  18. Jacob ($52,444)
  19. Jack ($51,603)
  20. Liam ($50,934)

High income baby names – popular girls’ names

  1. Alexis ($62,877)
  2. Madeleine ($53,759)
  3. Lily ($53,523)
  4. Elizabeth ($51,835)
  5. Evelyn ($51,544)
  6. Isabella ($50,248)
  7. Ella ($49,706)
  8. Emma ($49,596)
  9. Sophia ($48,330)
  10. Amelia ($48,008)
  11. Emily ($47,620)
  12. Lucy ($47,616)
  13. Mia ($46,812)
  14. Charlotte ($45,992)
  15. Grace ($45,795)
  16. Zoe ($45,509)
  17. Olivia ($45,128)
  18. Sophie ($44,904)
  19. Ruby ($41,724)
  20. Chloe ($38,100)

Note: Several top Australian baby names did not have enough data to analyse average salary. For boys, this includes Mason, Jackson, Lachlan, Noah, Cooper, Levi and Hudson. For girls, this includes Isla, Ava, Evie, Harper, Scarlett, Ivy, Sienna and Madison. 

Yes, the pay discrepancy between the top boys’ and girls’ names is pretty noticeable too. Let’s hope the gender pay scale changes by the time our little ones actually have to earn an income!

Don’t quit your job just yet…

The research comes out of the UK and, although it’s great for parents with Leos and Alexis’, we wouldn’t be buying that million dollar retirement property anytime soon. Like all baby name analysing tools out there, this one isn’t exactly science. And it’s most likely not going to predict your baby’s salary. But, hey, it is a bit fun!

If your baby’s name isn’t on our list, you can search for it using the Value My Name tool. Just be sure to convert the amount from pounds to Aussie dollars!

And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect baby name, have a look at the hottest baby name predictions for 2018. 

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