100 Most Popular Baby Names in Australia For 2017

There’s something super exciting about the release of the ‘Top 100’ baby names each year. 

It’s a look at what’s popular socially and culturally. It’s also a sneaky insight into exactly how many other Ollies or Livis will be in your kids classes in the years to come. Yikes!

The 10 most popular baby names in Australia for 2017 is a mixing pot of mostly traditional with a smattering of modern monikers thrown in. Some of the more popular baby names of previous years have finally dropped from the top 10 and there’s a few surprising newcomers.

50 Most Popular Girls’ Names

2017 Baby Names

Charlotte and Olivia both keep their first and second places on the list from last year. If you want something unusual these are NOT for you.

It’s finally time to wave goodbye to Ella and Sophie from the top 10 faves for girls, with Evie and Isla taking their well-used place.

Overall? The top 50 names in Australia for girls are traditional, pretty and feminine.

50 Most Popular Boys’ Names

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In short, tradition still rules when it comes to our fave boy names. The five most popular names for boys haven’t changed since 2013, with Oliver, William, Jack, Noah and Thomas still ruling the baby name roost.

Then comes James, Ethan, Lucas and Lachlan, in the same spots as previous years. The only change? Henry has swooped in and secured number 10, bumping Liam down to unlucky 13th place. And there’s a bit of Yankee influence creeping in too, with Hudson, Cooper and Mason all making an appearance on the list.

If you don’t want your babe to be Jack-B, Ethan Number Two or Noah-R it’s time to look outside the top 10 and shake it up mumma…

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Top 50 Baby Names Australia 

1 Charlotte Oliver
2 Olivia William
3 Ava Jack
4 Mia Noah
5 Amelia Thomas
6 Isla James
7 Chloe Ethan
8 Grace Lucas
9 Emily Lachlan
10 Evie Henry
11 Sophie Mason
12 Ella Alexander
13 Zoe Liam
14 Isabella Max
15 Harper Harrison
16 Ruby Charlie
17 Evelyn Leo
18 Ivy Samuel
19 Matilda Hunter
20 Lily Isaac
21 Sophia Hudson
22 Lucy Levi
23 Scarlett Benjamin
24 Sienna Jacob
25 Willow Oscar
26 Georgia Cooper
27 Aria Xavier
28 Emma Joshua
29 Zara Harry
30 Hannah Elijah
31 Eva Ryan
32 Isabelle Archer
33 Layla Archie
34 Abigail Riley
35 Audrey Sebastian
36 Mila Harvey
37 Violet George
38 Alice Daniel
39 Piper Jayden
40 Maddison Jackson
41 Savannah Logan
42 Ellie Patrick
43 Annabelle Finn
44 Stella Lincoln
45 Imogen Flynn
46 Jasmine Nate
47 Elizabeth Eli
48 Mackenzie Edward
49 Sofia Tyler
50 Alexis Aiden

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Baby Name Inspiration… 

Want to break from the top 50? Here’s a whole round up of name inspiration to help you think outside the box. Good luck choosing a name for your little bundle!

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