BEAUTY ALERT: The $15 Bar of ‘Botox Soap’ That Mums Are Loving

Sometimes a product comes on the market that blows us all away. HO-ME “Botox Soap” and “Botox” 2 in 1 Anti-Aging Serum both fall into this category.

After you see these dramatic before and after shots, it’s easy to see why Mum Central readers are hopping on board the “Botox Soap” bandwagon. For $15, you can’t get a cheaper ticket to wrinkle-free skin! Trust us – we’ve looked!

For any mum looking to add a little extra love to her face, without going under the knife, spending a fortune on creams that may or may not work or wasting an hour every morning applying six coats of makeup, we have uncovered the perfect solution.

It’s called HO-ME. And it could be your answer to smoother, softer skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Smooth the wrinkles away

HO-ME Cosmetics specialises in all-natural anti-ageing products to help people of all ages and lifestyles achieve healthy-looking skin. Created in collaboration with a leading skin specialist, HO-ME products contain a number of all natural ingredients designed to moisturise, firm and smooth the skin.

Botox serum

Like many anti-ageing products, HO-ME “Botox Soap” and HO-ME “Botox” 2 in 1 Anti-Aging Aerum contains collagen, elastin and hexapeptide-3 to help tighten the skin. HO-ME products also include starfish and seahorse extract, plus the serum contains arginine extract and hyaluronic acid. These all help reduce the visible signs of ageing, inhibit wrinkles and keep the skin well hydrated and firmer looking.

Just like Botox, the soap and serum can improve fine lines, deep wrinkles and ageing skin. But without the costs, time consumption and complications.

The Power of Botox. In a Soap. For $15!

It sounds too good to be true, right? I mean, how can a bar of soap give your skin a similar boost to Botox?

botox soap

We decided to test it out and see. Over the holidays, one of our own Mum Central team and a Mum Central reader gave HO-ME “Botox Soap” and “Botox” 2 in 1 Serum a try. They used the products twice a day (in the morning and night) for three weeks and reported back to us.

So, what was the verdict?

‘My skin felt amazing, soft, smooth and very clean’

For mum-of-two, Elaine, 52, the difference was almost immediate. The top image shows Elaine’s eye area before using the “Botox Soap” and Anti-Aging Serum , with deep wrinkles. The bottom shows what those wrinkles look like after three weeks of “Botox Soap” and serum.

HO-ME cosmetics Botox soap and Botox serum review
A close-up look at Elaine’s eyes before using HO-ME Cosmetics’ skincare products (top) and after (bottom).

“Before starting the “Botox Soap” I had fine lines under the eyes, deep crow’s feet and a deep frown line between my eyebrows.”

In just one week she noticed her skin was much softer and the lines felt less noticeable.

“After two weeks the deeper lines looked more like fine lines,” Elaine says.

“I’ve actually been contemplating having Botox done for a number of years, but I’m a bit nervous of needles. After using the “Botox Soap”, I genuinely feel that this gives me the same results.”

“So many people have said to me, “You’re looking really well”. I haven’t done anything differently except use the soap and serum!”

‘My skin felt squeaky clean, radiant and healthy looking’

For 35-year-old mum-of-one, Katrina, the soap and serum also delivered that vibrant, fresh feeling and fine line-free face.

Botox soap review
Katrina goes make-up free to show her skin before “Botox Soap” (left) and after (right). Fine lines around her eyes appear less noticeable.

“I had mostly fine lines that were only visible when smiling, major crow’s feet and was tired-looking around the eyes,” Katrina tells us.

And after three weeks of using the products?

“My skin looks softer, less tired-looking, especially in the morning after the application. You can really see an improvement after using this product.”

‘I will 100% continue to use the product.’

Both mums agree that not only do the products work wonders on their skin, but the application process is practically effortless. It takes less than five minutes a day to apply the soap and serum and start to experience the results.

“There’s no tingle on the skin, the smell was pleasant and it felt good to rub into skin,” Katrina explains. “Not oily, just nice and light.”

The continuous refreshing feeling stays throughout the day, even whilst camping in 30+ degree heat.”

‘This was a really easy and inexpensive way of achieving fabulous results’

Katrina and Elaine are not the only mums who have experienced amazing results from the “Botox Soap”. Have a look at these before and afters of other clients.

botox soap and serum before and after

botox soap and serum young woman

mum central

You can pick up your own bar of “Botox Soap” ($14.95) and “Botox” 2 in 1 Anti-Aging Serum ($49.95) from the HO-ME website.

This is a sponsored article for HO-ME Cosmetics
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  1. Avatar of krystie

    Absolutely love Ho-me Cosmetics products, my skin has never looked and felt so good

  2. Avatar of Tiffany

    Pregnancy and being a new mum has really taken its toll on my skin, ho-me cosmetics has really helped my skin to bounce back. Love it!

  3. Avatar of Tracy

    I have always been judgemental about these sort of products tried most of the big company products and they are not affordable or doesn’t work. I tried the Home soap first and was very happy with the instant feel and results. My acne is gone and wrinkles have been eased. I’m 45 and loving the small amount of time needed to apply. The company is professional in their customer service and and advise on products. Ty to the team for letting me try these products and continuing buying.

  4. Avatar of Mj

    I love the botox soap! My skin feels fresh, firm and healthy. Such a fabulous alternative to botox injections.

  5. Avatar of Renee

    Love Ho-me cosmetics!
    With such a busy schedule, I love the simplicity and ease of the products.
    My skin has a healthy glow and has never felt so soft and silky.
    Great range of products!

  6. Avatar of Kate

    Can’t speak highly enough of the acne scrub combined with the Botox soap! Thank you Ho-me Cosmetics!!

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