5 Things to Bring When You’re Told Not to Bring a Thing. HINT – it’s Not Nothing

It’s something we all say when we invite friends over. Doesn’t matter if it’s an all-in party, a low-key lunch or a drinks and nibbles affair. “Just bring yourselves, don’t bring a thing!”, we say. But what does that mean? Take it from me folks, it means IGNORE the request.

Here’s what you CAN (and should) bring when you’re asked not to bring anything.

You don’t need to blow a stack of cash to show your appreciation. Think small host or hostess gifts with a “no big deal” vibe. But don’t be mistaken, it’s a VERY BIG DEAL that you do it. #bestguestever #polite

The number one rule in my book, is don’t take platters of food. Your great aunt’s potato salad might be amazing, but your friend’s dinner party is not the time to showcase it. You’ll likely offend the host by implying you think they’ll need extra food OR you’ll throw their whole carefully planned menu out of whack. Either way, just don’t, unless they actually ask.

hostess gift ideas

5 Best Hostess Gifts

1. Chocolates

Hands down, chocolates are the easiest “I really love that you invited me and asked me not to cook anything” gift. The host can discreetly hide them in the pantry where no child will see them and eat them when she pleases (my style) OR she can put them out with coffee at the end of the night (not so much my style).

host gift chocolates

2. Wine

Cheers! Again, wine is something that can be shared with other guests. Offering to open the bottle and pour glasses for others also takes a bit of pressure off the host AND is a great ice breaker. Just note though, a bottle of wine is top pick – don’t bring a six-pack as a hostess gift. Keep it classy and shareable.

host gift wine

3. Flowers

A host will be wonderfully chuffed with a small bouquet of flowers (you don’t need to spend big bucks at a florist – choose a nice bunch from the supermarket, they’ll do!). Help your host out though and choose flowers in a box or arrive with a large jar to put them in, just in case they have no vase on hand.

host gift flowers

4. Fresh herb pot

Much like the flowers, if your host is a bit of a foodie, make your stop off before dinner the local Bunnings or nursery for a small pot of basil or mint. Wrap some wrapping paper around the pot and tie with a ribbon for a thoughtful, long lasting hostess gift – ALL UNDER $10.

herb host gift

5. Home baked goods

Something you can bake yourself, you can thank your host with a beautiful slice, fudge, a batch of biscuits or bliss balls. DO make it clear to your host though that the gift is for them and not intended to share on the night. No stealing of any thunder and all that biz. If you’re not much of a baker, you can grab lovely tins of baked things at the supermarket.

home baked host gift

There you have it, you have no excuse not to be the best guest ever this silly season when you rock up with one of these gift suggestions. For something quick and easy to prepare, check out our Tim Tam Balls!

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South Australian mum and self proclaimed foodie, Lexi can most days be found in the kitchen, apron tied firm and armed with a whisk or wooden spoon!

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    If you bring something to my party when I’ve asked you not to you will not be allowed in. It’s extremely rude.

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