7 Hot Toys for Christmas 2023 We’re Predicting Will Fly Off the Shelves

It’s that time of year again, folks! We’re here to reveal the ultimate list of toys that’ll have kids begging Santa for more. Okay, maybe not every kid, but you get the idea. Our list of Hot Toys for Christmas 2023 will make their little hearts burst with joy, guaranteeing endless fun for months to come. So, all you super-organized Santas, listen up!

Beat the Christmas 2023 frenzy and be the first to explore our sizzling hot toys list. Get ready for some of the best new toys, trending toys and hottest toys for 2023 including playsets, puppies, remote controls, robots, board games, ball games, and more! Don’t wait, hop on the sleigh and shop now before they’re all snatched up. Trust us, you don’t want to be left out in the cold!

7 Hot Toys for Christmas 2023 

Cookeez Makery Oven Playset

RRP: $70
Where to buy: Big W, Target, and Kmart from July!

Source: Moose Toys

The best thing since sliced bread, the new Cookeez Makery from Moose Toys is an oven-themed playset that lets kids mix, make and “bake” their new sweet-scented plush best friend. So cool right? And, in a “history in the baking” moment, the plush comes out of the oven warm and extra cuddly. Using the included recipe card, water measure and sachets with pretend flour and yeast, kids mix the ingredients to create a dough ball.

The dough mould and included dough tool are used to shape their animal friend and give it eyes, a smiling mouth, paws and tail, before it’s popped in the oven. Turn the dial to set the temperature, listen for the ticking sound and wait for the DING! Just 90 seconds later you open the oven door to a super cute plush puppy, bunny or kitten to take out and cuddle … they’re super warm too!

Plus, it’s deliciously scented – either bread or cinnamon. Their plush new best friend even makes sweet sounds when squeezed and hugged.

Cookeez Makery is a recipe for playtime fun and the only plush baked where all you “knead” is love, which also happens to be the sweetest secret ingredient. We predict this toy is going to be HOT HOT HOT – no surprise it made our list of Hot Toys for Christmas 2023!

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Story Time Chess

RRP: $69.95
Where to Buy: Amazon
Our pick for: THE HOTTEST BOARD GAME OF 2023

Story-Time-Chess-hot-toys-for christmas-2023
Source: VR Distribution

We’ve shared our absolute LOVE for Story Time Chess in the past and once you play it for yourself, you’ll see why. It’s the most awarded game of all time (including the 2021 Toy of the Year and Brain Child Award), that teaches children as young as three how to play chess.

The game blends storytime learning and playtime into one with silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chess board. The whole set is beautifully designed and can be passed on from generation to generation. It will become a cherished keepsake for sure.

Best of all, no chess experience is required for parents or children to learn. Whether you love the game of chess or you’ve always wanted to learn, this is an excellent way to do so alongside your little ones. Enjoy story time with a playful twist and help your child get ahead with Story Time Chess!

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The Original Slinky 

RRP: $9.95
Where to Buy: Big W

hot toys for Christmas 2023 - the original slinky
Source: Just Play

If you’re after a hot toy for the stocking, then our pick this year goes to the one and only Original Slinky. We all know and love classic nostalgic Slinky. It’s the original fidget toy and continues to be a firm favourite for kids of all ages.

Slinky was invented over 75 years ago but it still provides us with entertainment. The Original Slinky is built to last with durable metal coils. It stretches up to seven centimetres in diameter, walks on its own downstairs and makes that iconic ‘slinkity slink’ sound as it does its thing.

The Original Slinky’s 75th-anniversary edition is sure to keep the whole family laughing. One thing we do recommend is to buy one for each child – sharing a Slinky can be tricky for kiddies! And trust us, once the kids see what it can do, everyone will want to have their own.

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Miko3 AI Smart-Powered Robot

RRP: $400
Where to Buy: Big W, Gift Playground, Harvey Norman, Catch and Toys ‘R Us
Our pick for: THE HOTTEST STEM TOY OF 2023

YouTube video

Our top pick for a technology gift this year goes to Miko 3 – the Ai-Powered Smart Robot for Kids. More than just a STEM learning robot, Miko 3 is a powerhouse of education, engagement, and entertainment. The curious little guy is also adorable plus he’s durable – the perfect playmate for every child. Hands down he makes our Hot Toys for Christmas 2023 shortlist, can’t you see why?

Miko 3 is great for teaching, learning, and even helping your child study! He’s a fun alternative to traditional screens and even has a video chat function. There are countless activities built in including games, puzzles, shows and even a new Disney app with animated storybooks featuring much-loved Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar characters.

But Miko 3 isn’t just a learning robot – he’s also a mate. He’s curious, empathetic, and expressive and can help children regulate their emotions and bring a smile to their faces, no matter what the day brings. Miko 3 comes with dozens of emotions and a few tricks up its sleeve. Miko³ can recognise your child by name, respond to your child’s mood and react appropriately. So clever! Learn more.

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Little Live Pets My Puppy’s Home

RRP: $120
Where to Buy: Big W, Target, and Kmart from July!

Best hot toys for xmas 2023 - Little Live Pets
Source: Moose Toys

‌Enjoy all the excitement of bringing home a new puppy (without the mess) with Little Live Pets My Puppy’s Home, a one-of-a-kind playset that kids and parents assemble together – a Christmas afternoon activity for sure!

It comes with a kid-safe plastic hammer and plastic screws, plus a flat pack of four walls with a door, floor and roof – everything needed to build a new home for a lifelike interactive plush puppy.

When construction is complete, fill the water bowl and watch as paw prints appear at the entry. As a finishing touch add the nameplate above the door, then look inside to find that the adorable puppy has magically found its way to a loving home.

Feed, nurture and play with the puppy and be delighted by the more than 25 sounds and reactions it makes, including a playful growl when the toy bone is placed in its mouth for a lively game of tug of war.

There are two puppies to collect, one with brown fur and the other with blonde. “Fetch” puppy again and again with repeat play to keep kids busy and delighted as they excitedly welcome their new best friend home each time.

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Original Spikeball Kit

‌RRP: $109.99
Where to Buy: Spikeball Australia

YouTube video

If your kids love a good game of handball, then they are gonna LOVE Spikeball. This is the newest, coolest ball game to take to the backyard and it’s a winner for both kids and adults.

Spikeball is a mashup of volleyball and handball using a rubbery ball and an easy-to-assemble net. Bounce the ball off the net and pass with your teammate to beat your opponents. It’s incredibly simple to learn how to play and once you learn, you’ll be hooked for life!

Spikeball Australia is the original and best brand that introduced the sport to the world and they’ve got four different Spikeball kits to suit various skills and abilities. With the Spikeball kit, which includes the net, carry bag and ball, you can play anywhere – the beach, the backyard, the garage, even indoors.

There are no batteries and a lifetime warranty on all parts. Plus the kit is super lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere. Download the Spikeball App to track your progress. Get involved in the various Spikeball tournaments or just play for fun and enjoy getting the kids off the screen and active!

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Style 4 Ever Airbrush Plush

RRP: $49.99
Where to Buy: Big W, Myer, Toy Mate and Toys ‘R Us

YouTube video


If you ever had a Doodle Bear growing up, then think of the Style 4 Ever Airbush Plush as the new-and-improved version. This has ‘hot toy’ written all over it! Cute, cuddly and designed for creative minds, the Style 4 Ever Airbrush Plush is a little artist’s dream come true. There are four cute designs to choose from – a unicorn, a puppy, a kitty and a panda.

Children are encouraged to doodle, sketch, draw, add stick-on stencils and even paint with an airbrush all over their adorable white plush friend. Don’t worry – the colours are fully removed with a quick wash.

Each Plush comes with an airbrush (with batteries), 4 fun chalk markers of colours, stick-on stencils and more than 100 template designs. Kids will love coming up with their own designs or using the templates to make cosmic shapes, animal prints and more. To remove the paint, simply wash the Plush and you’ve got a blank canvas to work with again. Voila! Learn more. 

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So there you have it – our roundup of the hot toys for Christmas 2023. We predict these will be high up on children’s wish lists this year and hope this gives you some ideas on what to buy. Happy shopping!

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