We’ve Discovered the Easy Way to Teach Chess for Kids as Young as Three

Chess is one of the most popular games on the planet and, if you’ve ever played it, you most likely know why. It’s entertaining, strategic, engaging and just a little bit addictive! 

If you’ve never played it before, then now’s your chance to not only learn the game but help your little ones learn how to play chess too, thanks to this beautifully-designed Story Time Chess for kids.  

Teach your children how to play chess (even if you don’t know how to!) 

Story Time Chess is made especially for children and brings the world of chess to life in a way we’ve never seen before. It teaches chess through imaginative play, silly stories, vibrant illustrations, custom chess pieces, and a unique chess board. 

Story Time Chess
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Whether you’re a chess player or not, Story Time Chess offers a chance to immerse your little ones (as young as three!) into the enchanting world of chess and engage in meaningful one-on-one time with a parent, older sibling or grandparent.

But the best thing about Story Time Chess? No chess experience is required for both parents or children to learn.

Story Time Chess for Kids
Whether you’ve always wanted to learn or want to teach your child, Story Time Chess can make it happen. Source: Supplied

Discover the magic kingdom of Chess

Story Time Chess involves more than just a standard chess board and pieces. It comes with a whole kingdom of fun, all designed to help teach little ones the ins and outs of chess.

There’s a storybook that showcases the rules of chess in a way that captivates even the youngest minds – stories! We all know the magic powers of storybooks and Story Time Chess has taken this magic and brought it into the game of chess. Genius, really!

Story Time Chess
A special book to start the journey into the magical game of chess. Source: Supplied

And this is just the beginning of the fun. Every chess piece has its very own story and exercises to explain how the pieces move in a fun, silly, memorable way.

Plus every piece isn’t just a King, or Queen, or Pawn – instead, there is a cast of colourful characters, like King Shaky, King Chompee and Queen Bella, to make it even more engaging for them. You meet all of these characters in the storybook too. 

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Quirky characters bring even more fun to the game. Source: Supplied

The board itself also sticks to this story-time theme with squares that match the characters so children can easily set up the game without help.

Flip the chessboard over and it’s a standard chess side for regular chess too, ideal for older kids who have mastered the Story Time version. 

The easiest way to teach chess to your kids

The way Story Time Chess is able to transform one of the trickiest games to learn into something that three-year-olds can easily comprehend and enjoy, is quite amazing, really!

Of course, it’s not just for three-year-olds – it’s for children of all ages (and parents) who will love not only learning the game of chess through Story Time Chess but playing it over and over again.

After all, chess has been around for years. 1500 years to be exact, so chances are, a lot of friends and family members play it too. This makes it an ideal choice to bring to the table at family gatherings when the grandparents are visiting or even for older sibling play. 

Story Time Chess - award winning chess for kids
Siblings bond over a game of chess! Bliss. Source: Supplied

Family fun for all 

Playing Story Time Chess with your little one is just as fun as supervising their play with others. Watching their eyes light up and seeing their little minds ticking as they process each character, how they move, and where they can go – it’s one of those core memory parenting moments.

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Start them at 3, and set them up for a lifetime of chess. Source: Supplied

Not just for you, but as a core memory for them too. And hopefully, an activity they will continue to want to do with you for years and years to come, even when they are grumpy teens. You’re never too old or too cool for a game of chess with Mum!  

Even if you’ve never played chess before, you can master it alongside your child. It’s a beautiful way to bond all the while doing something that is entertaining but also advancing their academic performance. 

A game of imagination and intellect

Chess, after all, is a game of intellect. What Story Time Chess does is bring imaginative play into this arena of intellect and sharpen several important skills. 

Story Time Chess can: 

  • enhance arithmetical skills
  • improve verbal skills 
  • sharpen critical thinking
  • boost emotional intelligence
  • encourage problem-solving and cognitive memory function 

Built to last a lifetime

If you’re after a good chess set for kids, then Story Time Chess is the end game. It’s crafted to absolute perfection and the quality of every element – from the double-sided board to the beautifully crafted pieces, is above and beyond.

Chess is a board game that should last for years and years, something that can be handed down to the next generation and Story Time Chess certainly sticks to this tradition.

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Beautifully designed for years and years of play. Source: Supplied

You never know, in 30 years’ time, your no-longer little one may knock on your door, asking you to dig out his old Story Time Chess, so he can play it with his own child. With you watching his every move, of course. 

Toy of the Year Winner!

It’s not just us who are blown away by Story Time Chess for kids. It comes with rave reviews from families around the world – including numerous educators and Hugh Jackman too! It’s won a whole slew of awards including the Toy of the Year 2021 Award. Other awards include:

  • Winner Toy Inside (2020) 
  • Mom’s Choice Award
  • Tillywig Toy Award
  • Parent’s Choice Award
  • National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval
  • Time Magazine’s Best Invention of 2021

 In fact, Story Time Chess is the most awarded game in the world. Quite an impressive feat – and thoroughly deserved too. 

Check it out for yourself:

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Stay one move ahead this Christmas with Story Time Chess

Story Time Chess is something that will last your children a lifetime and makes a great gift any time of the year.

However, with Christmas around the corner, it also makes the perfect present for under the tree. A great game to play after Christmas Lunch, or even a fun activity for Christmas Eve (the kids are allowed to open ONE present the night before, right??).

It’s also ideal for school holidays, quiet time, camping or holidays away, rainy days, sibling play, whenever, really! 

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Gift the gift of a lifetime of learning. Source: Supplied

Where to buy Story Time Chess

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