How Do I Choose the Best Childcare for My Little One?

As a parent, choosing who we trust to care for our little people, is one of the most tricky decisions of all. 

After all, you want to know that those responsible for your most precious possession (aka your kid) are giving him the very best care possible.

That’s why you want to choose the best childcare around.

Placing your child into care for the first time can be an emotional, confusing and worrying experience. While you may be excited to return to work and rediscover your old self, leaving a little one in someone else’s charge can be a very consuming and difficult time.

Preparing your child for this big day 

Whether you like it or not, the first childcare drop off morning will roll around quicker than you’re ready for. It’s bound to be an exhausting day of mixed emotions for everyone – especially you Mum!

Whilst we can’t guarantee you won’t need the Kleenex, we can assure you that having well-researched your childcare choice means Day One (right through to Day 287!) are all going to be far easier.
A confident drop off is a happy drop-off.

There are five easy steps to ensure your little ones settle into their new childcare environment. And we’ve got your step-by-step guide right here

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Choosing the best childcare 

You’re ready to return to work and you’re on your way to preparing your child for childcare. Now it’s time to do your homework and choose your childcare.

With so many mixed feelings, choosing a childcare service can seem like an overwhelming decision.

  • How is it possible to judge the best childcare service for your child AND family’s needs?
  • Can I see if a child care centre meets all the regulatory standards?
  • Is it possible to find out which centres are near where I live or work?

There’s SO MANY things to consider.

Well, stop worrying Mumma and read on … there’s actually a simple and clever way to make sure you get this big decision, right. 

Study during maternity leave

Choosing the best childcare is easy when you know how 

The good news is that choosing childcare need not be daunting. With the right tools, this decision can be as easy-peasy as one, two, three.

(Okay, there’s actually seven important steps to consider but you know what we mean!) Here’s everything you need to know to choose the best childcare service for your child…


How to choose the right childcare

Start well, start right with Starting Blocks 

Starting Blocks is a government initiative providing parents with information about early childhood education and care. It’s an invaluable tool in assisting parents on choosing the best childcare that meets national standards and the requirements of their family. Starting Blocks is a source of invaluable information for assisting you to make a confident and informed child care choice. 

Whilst we can’t stop you missing your little one as you sit through a dull meeting, Starting Blocks can take away your worries that they’re safe, happy and being cared for to the highest standard.

And as a mum, that’s really everything you want from a childcare service.

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Our top 3 tips and tools for choosing the best childcare service 

From us to you, good luck! Do the research and drop off every single day with confidence… there’s no better feeling than knowing your baby is in safe and caring hands! 

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