Video on How to Make Toast for a Toddler Goes Viral. When You See It, You’ll Know Why!

Toast. Seems simple enough, right? You pop a piece of bread into the toaster and well, toast it. Not exactly an exercise in culinary greatness. That is, unless you have a toddler.

Any mum of a 2 or 3-year-old knows just how demanding these little critics can be when it comes to even the most basic of breakfast foods. That’s exactly what Bunmi Laditan uses as inspiration for this so-true, and so-funny, video.

With more than 28 million views and close to 450,000 shares on Facebook, it’s clear that mums the world are get what Laditan is saying.

The author, whose book ‘Toddlers Are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault’ takes a humour-packed look at parenting, catches what we all know – pleasing a toddler isn’t ever easy. Whether it’s the cut of the bread, the slightest imperfection, a butter overload, not enough butter or that your tot is just feeling a bit ambiguous when it comes to what she’s looking for in a really fine slice of toast – this video sums up the oh-so-often-seen toddler eating dilemma perfectly.

If the toddler in your life is a bit of a tyrant when it comes to what, how and when he eats, take comfort. In response to Laditan’s Facebook video one mum posted, “Fear not everyone. For in short time you will have teens.” She goes on to write, “They will eat the toast. All of the toast. Actually, all of the bread, toast takes “too long”. They’ll also eat the waffles, the cereal, and anything else which isn’t frozen or takes beyond one step to prepare.” She finishes with, “Never fret about a toddler who isn’t eating. And start drinking the wine, folks. Threenager? Lol. You have no idea.”

That’s right, someday your used-to-be-a-toddler will be a full-fledged teen who will not only eat the toast but also everything else in the fridge (before rolling his eyes and slamming the door). And, you might just start wishing for those adorably picky little kid days!

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