See Why These Mums Are Putting Their Newborns to Sleep in a Box. You’ll Be Impressed!

Your BFF told you about “the” cot that every parent needs. Your cousin swears by her favourite brand of bassinet. But, you’re going with a box. A box? That’s right! A box!

Recently, Temple University (in the US) made headlines for giving mums a “newborn baby box” after delivery. Filled with essentials that new baby needs and information, the box also doubles as a safe sleeper.

Even though Temple’s program broke new ground in America, the baby box idea is actually decades old. The hard surface of the box provides newborns with a safer way to sleep, possibly cutting the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Used in Finland for more than 75 years, the box reduced infant mortality from 65 deaths per 1,000 babies in 1936 to an incredible 3 in 1,000 in 2010!

Infant Mortality in Finland
Infant mortality rates have reduced significantly in Finland since the introduction of the baby boxes in the 1930s


The very first boxes were packed with fabric for Finnish mums to make their newborns clothes. The box evolved to include ready-made clothes and other newborn basics.

The original maternity box pack from Finland, packed full of essentials for new mums and babies.

What’s in today’s Baby Box?

Well, unlike the 1930’s Finnish version, you won’t find loose fabric. What you will find is all kinds of goodies that every new mum needs, including nappies, blankets, clothing, bath products and a built-in mattress for baby to sleep comfortably.

Using the mattress-lined box is a much safer alternative for baby than co-sleeping with mum and dad. Putting your baby in your own bed or in a cot covered with those adorable (yet, way too fluffy) blankets, bumpers and toys puts her at a 40 times higher risk of dying from SIDS.

While the medical community can’t give a definitive cause for SIDS, they do know that there are things parents can do to reduce the risk. Keeping blankets, plush toys, pillows and other not-so-necessary objects out of your newborns sleeping space is vital. That’s what makes the Bay Box so genius.

It’s a pure space, where baby can sleep without the risk of suffocation from her over-sized plush toy bear or grandma’s thoughtfully-crocheted blanket.

Watch as they pack up a box and see for yourself, besides the padded mattress, what else they pack into one of their fabulous boxes all ready to go!

YouTube video

While you might enjoy a cloud-like soft sleeping surface, a soft and squishy mattress isn’t safe for your little one. She needs a hard surface – and, that’s what the Baby Box provides.

Yes, you can buy your own Baby Box. But, the company (and its community-centric vision) is also making its way into Australia through Bundle of Life. The charitable organisation already distributes the kits to new mums in Kalgoorlie. Along with this, the Caroline Chisholm Society is also working with the Baby Box Co. to help introduce new Australian mums to community support systems.

But, wait!

Sure, Baby Box is a safe sleeping space. And yes, it comes filled with a bundle of baby essentials that you’ll need in the first few weeks. It’s also much, much more. Not only is the box itself based in the rich tradition of new mummy education that the Finnish started way back when, but the Baby Box Co also provides their own educational service through Baby Box University.

Australian mums can now have access to a wealth of information from medical professionals, child development specialists and maternal health advocates with the Baby Box University. Through the website you’ll find articles, an “ask an expert” feature, e-books, short videos and more. Ask questions, start a discussion with other mums and dads or brush up on baby facts!  Jump on over and check it out here.

divider-3So there you have it!

Those first few days, weeks and even months after delivery are tough enough. You’re already losing sleep every time your new little love wakes up for a feeding or a change. Why lose even more worrying that her sleeping space isn’t safe? With the statistics behind the Finnish tradition, the Baby Box is something that’s quickly catching on internationally. Add in the new baby kit (that the box holds) and the educational aspects, and you have right there every new mummy must-have!




This is a sponsored post for The Baby Box Co.

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