Glitter be Gone: How to Remove Glitter From All Surfaces

Glitter can add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any craft project, but its knack for sticking around long after the festivities can be a challenge. Cleaning up glitter tends to take longer than actually crafting with glitter – one of the many ironies of parenting!

Whether it’s on your clothes, furniture, or other surfaces, the stubborn nature of glitter requires specific strategies for removal. When my kids were little, I often found glitter months after it was last used.

Keep reading for different solutions on how to remove glitter from all surfaces in your home. 

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How to Remove Glitter

Lint Roller Magic – Gentle Fabric Saviour

The lint roller stands out as a beacon of simplicity and efficacy when it comes to removing glitter from clothing and delicate fabrics. By rolling its adhesive surface over glittered areas, this method gracefully lifts away the sparkles without leaving any residue behind. Its gentle touch makes it ideal for delicate items like clothing or upholstery, ensuring that the fabric remains unharmed.

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Sticky Tape Technique – Precision for Glass and Plastic

When dealing with glitter on smooth surfaces like glass or plastic, where a lint roller may not be as effective, the sticky tape technique proves invaluable.

Wrap a piece of tape around your fingers, sticky side out, and delicately dab at the glitter. The tape adheres to the glitter particles, offering precision in lifting them away. This method is particularly useful for smaller, hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a spotless finish on smooth surfaces.

Pantyhose and a Vaccum  – Carpet and Upholstery Tamer

For the nightmare of glitter on carpets and larger fabric surfaces, a vacuum cleaner becomes a trustworthy ally. Secure a piece of pantyhose or fine mesh over the vacuum nozzle with a rubber band.

As you vacuum, the fabric acts as a filter, trapping the glitter and preventing its spread. This technique is highly efficient for larger areas, providing a swift and thorough cleanup without risking damage to the fabric.

DIY Glue Gel Peel – Wood’s Delicate Solution

Wooden surfaces demand a special touch, and the DIY glue gel peel method steps up to the challenge. Mix equal parts clear glue and water to create a gel-like substance. Apply it over the glittered wood surface, allowing it to dry completely.

The resulting peel is gentle on the wood, effectively adhering to the glitter and making removal a breeze without causing any harm.

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Vinegar and Water Solution – Tiles and Hard Surfaces’ Natural Remedy

When glitter infiltrates hard surfaces like tiles, a natural and non-abrasive solution is essential. Create a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spritz the solution onto glitter-covered tiles, let it sit briefly, and then wipe away the glitter with a soft cloth or sponge. The mild acidity of the vinegar aids in breaking down the adhesive properties of the glitter without causing damage to the tiles.

With these comprehensive strategies, you can confidently tackle glitter removal from various surfaces, ensuring that the magic of glitter remains where it’s intended, without leaving a lasting mark. Choose the method that suits your surface type, and revel in the satisfaction of a glitter-free environment.

Alternatives to glitter

As fun and frustrating as glitter can be, it’s made from micro-plastics, which we all know are not great for the environment. If being eco-friendly is your jam; here are some fun glitter alternatives that are not only eco-friendly, but also don’t have you cleaning up glitter for hours after the project is finished.


As an eco-friendly substitute for glitter, sand, naturally abundant in our surroundings and available in various hues, offers a great alternative. Opt for pastels, or solid colours in sand to enhance your artistic endeavours or personal style, steering clear of metallic varieties that may not be environmentally friendly.



With its inherent crystalline sheen, salt can elevate its visual appeal when tinted with food colouring. However, exercise caution when using salt on facial skin, as it may lead to dryness, especially for those with sensitive skin. A positive aspect of salt is its natural breakdown and water solubility, making it a viable alternative.

Natural Elements

To forgo excessive shine and embrace the beauty of nature, venture outdoors to collect flowers, pinecones, seeds, twigs, leaves, and other foliage. These elements can enhance makeup, hair, art, and more, offering a naturally degradable option that contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Coloured Rice

Rice, a cost-effective and natural alternative, can be dyed in a myriad of colours. It is versatile, safe for use on the body, suitable for art projects, and can be employed for home decor. Bulk availability makes coloured rice an economical choice for various creative applications.

Face Paint

Bold and vibrant, face paint offers daring colour options with a thicker application. While available in numerous shades, exercise caution with shiny options, as they may contain harmful microplastics detrimental to the environment.


Crystalized and water-soluble, sugar provides a shimmering effect for your creative vision. Particularly colourful rock sugar adds a touch of glamour to projects. However, be mindful of its susceptibility to melting in high temperatures and quick water dissolution.

If you just love the look and texture of glitter, consider a biodegradable alternative.

Happy crafting!

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