25 Uncommon Baby Names Starting with X and Y

Baby names starting with X and Y are often overlooked. Sure, you’ve probably heard of Xavier but there are so many less common names that start with the last three letters of the alphabet.

We love uncovering hidden baby name gems and these 25 baby names starting with X and Y certainly shine bright! So, let’s get digging!

If you do love an uncommon or unique name, then opting to name your little one a name that starts with X, Y or Z makes sense. Out of the top 200 baby names in Australia last year, only 1 name started with X and no Y baby names made the list. The only X and Y name to be featured? Xavier! 

Now, how about the names that didn’t make the list? Check out our fave picks of X baby names and Y baby names below.

Baby names starting with X

baby names starting with x
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1. Xion – This meaningful name translates to “I won’t forget you” in Japanese floriography and is a name to remember.

2. Xandra – This spunky name is a shortened version of Alexandra and is just as edgy, meaning “defending men”.

3. Xanthe – A lovely colourful name, Xanthe is Greek for “golden” or “yellow” and is a very sunny choice.

4. Xander Similar to Xandra, Xander is the shortened version of Alexander and is pronounced the same as “Zander”.

5. Xahlia Prounced Zalia, this unique name means “loyal” or “kind”.

6. Xenia – Xenia is of Greek origin which translates to bothguest” and “stranger”.

7. XaraPronounced like Zara, Xara means “blooming flower” and is one of the prettiest X baby names we’ve come across, especially if you love the floral theme for baby names.

8. Xenobia – This mighty name is as powerful as they come which translates to “of Zeus” who was the big boss/top god in Greek mythology. Expect big things from your little leader.

9. Xya – If you’re a fan of short and sweet names, Xya is a lovely alternative to names like Mia and Eva. It is pronounced like “Zya”.

10. Xia – Another sweet choice is Xia which means “glow of the sunrise” – how lovely!

11. Xiomara –  This is a lovely Spanish option that’s pronounced SEE-OH-MAR-UH. Like Siomara.

12. Xylia – This pretty name means “woodland” and is pronounced Zylia. You could also opt for Xylie.

13. Xayden –  Hayden, Jayden,  Brayden, Cayden. And now Xayden. While this name is an invented one, it works with the DEN trend.

14. Xanthos – Another powerful Greek moniker, this name means “golden-haired”.

15. Xylon – Meaning “the forest”, this unique choice might suit families looking for a nature-themed name.

16. Xen – While this name is pronounced Zen, if you do like the X letter, then you could always switch it up and go for Xen.

Baby names starting with Y

baby names starting with y
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17. Yana – Four-letter baby names are rising up the charts but Yana isn’t likely to make it there quite yet. This elegant name means “God is gracious” and is a diminutive of John, which works well if you’re looking for a name that honours a relative named John.

18. YaraPoetic, pretty and powerful, Yara means “helper” and is a cute alternative to the more popular Zara.

19. Yelena – Meaning “bright and shining one”, Yelena is elegant and sure to soar to the top of her class.

20. Ysabel – This pretty name is Spanish for Isabel.

21. Yvette – Pronounced E-vette, this French name means “yew tree”.

22. York – A posh choice, York is both regal and powerful.

23. Yates – A name with connections to literature, Yates means “gate”.

23. Yves – Short, chic and sophisticated, Yves is pronounced Eves, and is forever tied to the fashion world, a top choice for your budding fashionista.

24. Yardley – Another posh option, Yardley is a popular British surname but also works as a first name.

25. Yuki – A lovely weather name, Yuki translates to “snow” in Japanese.

Names starting with every letter of the alphabet

We hope you enjoyed our list of baby names starting with X and Y Check out our entire baby name series as we go through our top picks for unique names starting with every letter of the alphabet.

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