Hundreds of people flocked to a 10 year-old girl’s birthday party after finding out her classmates were not going to attend.  Minnesota girl Mackenzie Moretter suffers from Sotos Syndrome, meaning she has trouble socialising with a delay in her general development.

But that did not stop her from wanting a “big-girl party” for her tenth birthday.

Her mother, Jenny, sent out invitations like most do, however she did not hear back from most of Mackenzie’s classmates and the few that did actually have the decency to RSVP, cancelled at the last minute.

So what did Mackenzie’s mum do? She took to Facebook and posted in a few local Shakopee Facebook pages about their family’s predicament and invited people with daughters Mackenzie’s age to stop by and share in the party festivities.

What happened next was simply brilliant!

You might recall a very similar and recent story where another Mum’s Facebook Vent Triggers Birthday Surprise for Autistic Son, Mackenzie’s mum Jenny was overwhelmed by the response with more than 700 people joining the Facebook event she had setup – ‘Mackenzie’s birthday’.


Further, up to 300 guests reportedly turned up to help her celebrate on the day! The response was so huge that the party had to be moved to a public park to accommodate the huge numbers and the Shakopee Council took over responsibility for hosting the party.

Local companies donated food and people brought chairs to the area, and even a woman dressed as Elsa from Frozen showed up to celebrate.  Now that’s some awesome work!

“I want so much for much for Mackenzie to belong and for her to have friends and people to accept her for who she is,” Jenny Moretter told CBS Minnesota.

Matt Moretter, Mackenzie’s dad, said he was also amazed by the response.  “Jenny was hoping to get ten girls to show up and all of a sudden this happened,” he said.

The city of Shakopee officially declared that Saturday would be Mackenzie Moretter Day.  Beat that schoolmates!



Photos courtesy Facebook


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